Upcoming Update

As most of us know Supercell is coming out with a huge new update. I’m here to cover what has been released as a sneak peek so far. Hopefully this update comes out before the end of the week.

Wall Upgrade with Elixir- This is huge. Now instead of grinding walls why your elixir sits their unused you can now upgrade your walls with elixir. However, you can only start doing this when you upgrade level 6 walls to 7. Reminder: you can still upgrade walls with gold as well. This makes it much easier to upgrade walls since you can use both resources.

Future Update?: Since you can now upgrade walls with elixir, why not Dark Elixir. Supercell may release an update with DE upgrading for walls, so you can use any resource.

Level 7 Troops: This only impacts TH10 right? Wrong. TH9 are suddenly at a disadvantage since they can be barched easily by TH10s now since they have inclusive level 7 barbarians and archers. Unfortunately, the only new troops that are getting a new level are barbs and archers. Barch will become a much more prominent strategy.

Future Update?: More Updated Troops. There will soon be level 7 wizards, giants, goblins, and minions. Along with that level 5 dragons and level 6 hogs could be right around the corner.

Mass Wall Upgrades: Now you can upgrade a entire row of walls at once. So instead of clicking them one by one, you can choose a row and upgrade them all in one click. Of course this means you need more loot.

Future Update?: Soon you will be able to upgrade as many walls as you want in whatever position instead of just rows. You will be able to choose what to upgrade and where to upgrade it.

Check back hourly for new updates on this update.


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