New TH11 Defenses and Town Hall 9 Freeze Spells!

A new cannon, archer towers, wizard tower, and X-Bow will be added on at Town Hall 11! So as with the sneak peek yesterday, we will now be facing 5 level 9 wizard towers!

New Defenses

Here is a glimpse of all the defenses you will have that have been added on to at Town Hall 11

New Defenses Town Hall 11

Quite a lot to get though! 8 archer towers, 7 cannons, 5 wizard towers, and 4 X-Bows! Town Hall 11s will be nearly impossible to 3 star, so the focus will be the tough task of 2 starring.

Town Hall 9 Freeze Spell

So Town Halll 9s will now have freeze spells available to them! Obviously this is a change to make Town Hall 10s easier to beat since TH11 will be the new peak. Here’s a glimpse at a TH9 training a freeze spell-

Town Hall 9 Freeze Spells Clash of Clans

If  you glance at the right side, you can see that a freeze spell is being brewed. This will completely change Town Hall 9 strategy!

Thanks a ton for reading you guys! Make sure to check back here tomorrow for yet ANOTHER sneak peek!

3 thoughts on “New TH11 Defenses and Town Hall 9 Freeze Spells!

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  2. Yayyy! Although it will be a long time before I get there as well. But that is definitely going to be good for you. Congrats!


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