Clash of Clans Maxing Town Hall 9 Guide

Maxing Town Hall 9 is quite the journey in Clash of Clans! Today, I’m going to walk you through how I maxed Town Hall 9 and the upgrade priority to get from a maxed TH9 to a new TH10.


Maxing Town Hall 9 Overview

So when you first get a new Town Hall level like Town Hall 9, you might be a bit overwhelmed. There is a whole new lists of upgrades and new buildings to complete, but if you have a plan on what to upgrade, it will make upgrading to Town Hall 9, much less scary.

Clash of Clans Maxing Town Hall 9 Guide

This upgrade priority guide will follow my steps through Town Hall 9, which I recently maxed out (besides heroes but those are nearly impossible!) This is what I have found that works and what you should upgrade to be as good as possible at TH9. Here is my base design when I first upgraded to Town Hall 9….

Clash of Clans Maxing Town Hall 9 Guide

And here it is now, after 2 years grinding away at Town Hall 9!

Clash of Clans Maxing Town Hall 9 Guide

Now obviously a lot has changed in the interface and just overall look of Clash of Clans over the years, but you can definitely tell the difference between a new TH9 and a completely maxed out one. I’m going to help you guys get to the end result, starting with a few basic tips about Town Hall 9:

  • Hitpoints increase by 700 from TH8
  • You gain 929 XP from upgrading to TH9
  • At Town Hall 9, you can build a total of 77 buildings
  • A TH9 can hold 250,000 more G/E than TH8
  • You gain 74,153 XP from upgrading all your Town Hall 9 buildings

Some neat facts right there, but they aren’t going to actually help you completely max out Town Hall 9. Let’s go ahead and start talking about what you need to upgrade first when you get TH9.

These are all the new buildings available once you upgrade to TH9. You basically get one more of every defense, except for cannon,  mortar, and bomb tower. Here is a list of everything new you receive, including resource buildings: Archer Tower x1, Wall x25, Air Defense x1, Wizard Tower x1, Air Sweeper x1, Giant Bomb x1, Hidden Tesla x1, Seeking Air Mine x2, X-Bow x2, Gold Storage x1, Elixir Storage x1, Archer Queen Altar x1.

Now, let’s break down all of these new buildings, along with upgrading your preexisting buildings in the Town Hall 9 upgrading priority list.

Town Hall 9 Defense Building Priority

First off, before you do much with new upgrades and all that jazz, I like to upgrade all of the new buildings and walls that I can buy and get those up to par with my existing defenses. It might seem like a hassle, but you simply need to do this at some point. All the new stuff might seem interesting, but it really is smart in the long run to hold off on getting any new TH9 upgrades until you have boosted them up to Town Hall 8 standards. Once you do get all of that, here’s what you should upgrade to Town Hall 9 level first!

  1. Mortars to 7
  2. Cannons to 11
  3. Teslas to 7
  4. X-Bows to 2
  5. Air Defenses to 7
  6. Wizard Towers to 7
  7. Archer Towers to 11
  8. X-Bows to 3
  9. Bomb Tower and Air Sweeper

Town Hall 9 Elixir Building Priority

Now thats we’ve gone through all of these gold upgrades, what are you going to do with your elixir? This is what I would upgrade at Town Hall 9 first!

  1. Laboratory to 7
  2. Army Camps to 7
  3. Spell Factory to 4
  4. Dark Elixir Drills to 6
  5. Dark Barracks to 6
  6. Dark Spell Factory to 4
  7. Barracks to 11
  8. DE Storage to 6

So that is going to do it for a summary of my Town Hall 9 life! I enjoyed maxing TH9 so much and I hope that I passed along a lot of knowledge to you guys about how you can go about maxing out. Thanks for reading and comment down below what Town Hall level you currently are!

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16 thoughts on “Clash of Clans Maxing Town Hall 9 Guide

  1. I’m lvl 9th and this has helped me a lot I’ve been wanting to max lvl 9th here recently just didn’t know the way to go about it thanks for the help


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  4. But, that’s what I hate about coc, you come to this new th, and what do you need for the next th? Two more years of grinding, and that’s with the help of free my apps! I quit at town hall 7 cuz it’s just SOOO LOOOOOOOOONG TO DO EEEEEEVVVVVEEEEEEERRRRRRYYYYYYYYTTTTTHHHHHHIIIIIIINNNNGGGG


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