TH10: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

Many people can imagine that Town Hall 10 is all great and such. However, TH10 isn’t nearly the oasis of defense that every clasher describes. I’m here to explain to you the pros and the cons of upgrading your Town Hall to level 10. I know it seems weird (why wouldn’t you upgrade to Town Hall 10?) but in fact there are lots of reasons to restrain.


More Buildings to Buy: When you upgrade to any new Town Hall, loads of new buildings you can buy become available. At TH10, these include a new elixir collector, new gold mine, new DE drill, archer tower, X-Bow, giant bomb, air bomb, seeking air mines, and recently added; a skeleton trap. Obviously, new buildings allow your base to become more powerful, which then in turn allows you to protect your loot better and push to higher trophies.Upgrade to TH10 Clash of ClansUpgrade to TH10 Clash of Clans

-New Troop Upgrades: At Town Hall 10, the barbarians, archers, goblins, wizards, healers, dragons, P.E.K.K.A.s, minions, golems, and lava hounds. This makes your troops an even higher level. Therefore, strategies such as GoWiPe, MiLoHound, and GoWiWi become nearly unstoppable at Town Hall 10 since those troops are so high upgraded. Also farming strategies like barch and B.A.M. become stronger due to upgraded troops.

-Inferno Towers: Inferno Towers. The jackpot of TH10. These right here are the basic reason for lots of Town Hall 10 rushers. They are an OP defense that can shoot single or multi-target. This put all strategies at risk due to the fact that infernos are able to effectively shut down any troop combination. The facts don’t lie: when an Inferno Tower first starts shooting it produces 36 DPS (damage per second). However, after two seconds that number rises to 140 DPS. It only gets better. After 5 seconds, the Inferno Tower (in single target mode) has a DPS of 1,400

Higher Buildings Upgrades: At TH10, every defense gets a new level. Cannons can go to 12, archer towers to 12 then 13, mortars, wizard towers, teslas, and air defense can all hit level 8, X-Bows can be upgraded to 4, and infernos can go to 3. These new upgrade levels greatly impact your base. It becomes much harder to beat you since your defenses cause more damage (not to mention walls that are harder to get through)

-Freeze Spells: Freeze spells, like Inferno Towers, are exclusive to Town Hall 10 only. It is one of the gems of TH10 since they completely freeze defenses. Usually considered one of the best spells, drop a freeze spell on X-Bows or Inferno Towers to stop them from mowing down your troops. Or maybe if you are close to the Town Hall or 50% drop one of these and get the easy win.


-Decrease in Loot: This point right here is the big one, the knockout punch. This is the number one reason player choose not to upgrade to TH10. When you upgrade, collector raids all, but disappear. You can’t get any loot anymore off TH7 and TH8s, so the only way of finding good loot is off a TH9 or a fellow TH10. The problem is, once you hit TH9 or TH10, you are so good you don’t want to quick the game. Trust me, loot is terrible for Town Hall 10 and even TH9.Upgrade to TH10 Clash of Clans

-More Expensive “Next” Button: This might just seem like the lamest reason on why not to upgrade to TH10, but in fact it is vital. At Town Hall 9, it costs you 750 gold to find a match. But once you get TH10, it now costs 1,000 gold. If you search through 100 bases, that’s already 100,000 gold and 25k more than if you were at TH9. Say you do 10 raids a day for a week. This means you have spent an incredible 1,750,000 more gold than you would have if you were TH9. Just from hitting the “Next” button!

-Buildings Cost More: To go along with having less loot, you also have to upgrade much more expensive buildings. This would be hard with TH8 loot, but you have Town Hall 10 loot now. One wall to level 11 costs an unprecedented 4 million gold or elixir. This is more expensive than a mortar to 7. With the more expensive buildings it seems almost better to stay at TH9 and farm level 9 walls for 1 million!

Overall, its up to you whether or not to upgrade. Personally, I would completely max Town Hall 9 (yes, heroes, walls, and troops included) and then when I had NOTHING else to upgrade, I would turn to my Town Hall. I hope I made a few of you realize that TH10 is not that paradise you may think and you may reconsider upgrading to it.

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4 thoughts on “TH10: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

  1. I know I regretted it. If it wasn’t for starting over with a new base and taking BOTH my bases to a GREAT CLAN I don’t know what.

    This article is a spot on!


  2. I decided to upgrade to TH10 with hero’s level 22 and walls at level 9. My clan was down a couple TH10s for 25/25 and 30/30 wars so I decided to bump up to TH10 a little earlier than expected. This is good advice though!


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