Clash Royale- Ranking the Rare Cards

I ranked the common cards in Clash Royale a couple days ago and now it is time to rank the top rare cards in Clash Royale! Once again, each card is followed by a brief explanation of why that card ranks where it does.

Clash Royale Best Rare Cards

  1. Fireball- The fireball is far and away the #1 in my eyes, competing with barbarians and the princess as the best card in Clash Royale. The reason being- the fireball only costs 4 elixir, yet it can take out units that costs 5. The wizard, musketeer, and barbarians are all but annihilated by the fireball. Plus the fireball does great damage to towers which can end up clutch in a close raid.
  2. Valkyrie- Believe it or not, I used to hate the valkyrie, but now it is one of my favorite cards. There is a reason behind this of course. The valkyrie is able to counter almost any push, effectively ending barbarians as well as a hog cycle deck. The valk also works extremely well against the P.E.K.K.A-double prince combo.
  3. Wizard- The best things about the wizard is that it can shoot air and ground and it shoot splash damage. Those two combined make it one of the best cards in the game. It is the perfect card for taking out the minion horde or the hog cycle deck. 5 elixir seems like a lot, but it is definitely worth it; as a offensive and defensive card.
  4. Hog Rider- Definitely one of the best offensive cards in the game and it only costs 4 elixir! The hog rider is cheap and it is very effective, both at lower arena and higher ones. As long as it is combined with some other troops, the hog can make an insane push and get your opponents tower down to very low health!
  5. Three Musketeers- The three musketeers are extremely debatable! I could have them at 13th, but instead I went with putting them up high. It takes a fireball one level higher to kill the three musketeers, and if you don’t have that, the three musketeers become incredibly hard to kill. Put these behind a golem in double elixir time, and its game over.
  6. Musketeer- Obviously, not as powerful as the three musketeers, but the musketeer by itself is still very powerful. It has very good range and allows you to take out balloons with ease. Its a great card to put behind a giant to get a great push going. Unlike the three musketeers though, the musketeer is easily countered.
  7. Elixir Collector- Even with the recent nerfs to the elixir collector’s health, its main purpose, gaining elixir, remains strong. Honestly, the elixir collector would have been ranked higher if it still had its power to provide a buffer. It is still a great card, which will make you profit over time if used right.
  8. Giant- The giant is extremely strong in the beginning game, but it still remains a decent card at the higher levels. Essentially, it is a cheaper tank to the golem, but it actually will do more damage than the golem if it can get to the tower. Its a good card to build up a push with if placed at the back of your side.
  9. Mini-P.E.K.K.A.- The mini-P.E.K.K.A. can be an amazing card if used to its full potential. Use the mini-P.E.K.K.A. to take out the royal giant or giant quickly. The best use of this card is if it reaches the tower. The mini-P.E.K.K.A. will do insane damage to the tower if it reaches it. Its tough to reach the tower though since it is so easily countered.
  10. Inferno Tower- For those of you in Arena 4 or 5, this is completely not true. However, as you push up in trophies, the inferno tower becomes a lot weaker. The royal giant is able to shoot it from outside the tower’s range. Also it can easily be distracted by placing skeletons around your tank unit. Still a decent card which can help take out the tanks!
  11. Goblin Hut- The goblin hut could actually be top 5 on this list if used by the right player. This combined with the royal giant makes an effective combo. However, most players will just use this as a way to get cheap damage off the tower or use it as part of a spawner deck. Way too easily beat, at least for me.
  12. Barbarian Hut- Very similar to the goblin hut, but in fact the barbarian hut is worse. Usually, this will be placed at the beginning of a battle, which leaves you with 3 elixir and your opponent with 10. Simply not practical to use until later in your raid, and by then it might be too late.
  13. Bomb Tower- Similar to the inferno tower, the bomb tower may be seen as impossible to beat by those at the lower levels. Really though, the only thing the bomb tower is good at is taking out barbarians and goblins. It does practically no damage to tank units and is taken out easily by minion horde and royal giant.
  14. Rocket- My, my, my if it isn’t the old OP card in the game. At the very beginning of this game, the rocket (or any spells) did full damage to crown towers. That meant that you could easily rocket down someone’s tower in 3 minutes. Now, its an expensive way to end a game if the tower has 300+ health left.
  15. Tombstone- Again, another great card that has fallen in the ranks. The tombstone used to give off 6 skeletons, making it the perfect counter to the hog, the prince, and the P.E.K.K.A. Obviously this was too much for 3 elixir, so the tombstone got nerfed and here we are today.
  16. Furnace- The fire spirits that the furnace spawns are simply too weak to make the furnace anything but last on this list. In the month or so since the update dropped, I have yet to see anyone play with the furnace. It is way too weak and for 5 elixir it was never going to be used. It’s a bit better now that it only costs 4.

Ranking the Commons | Ranking the Epics | Ranking the Legendaries

Thank you guys for reading my ranking of the rare cards! Look for the ranking of the epic cards to come out soon! If you disagree with any of my ranks, please leave a comment below.

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13 thoughts on “Clash Royale- Ranking the Rare Cards

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  2. The reason why cannon and tombstone disappeared in higher arena is because the furnace and inferno tower, both were super annoying, which is more annoying however? Furnace or inferno tower?


  3. Nowadays I will rank them as:
    1. Fireball
    The fireball had ALWAYS been the top 3 spells since soft launch, currently its a bit Op, cause it so strong and knock down the most overpowered card, making their usage lower than before (elite barbarians, Lumberjack etc.) well does the use rate and win rate shows that it’s overpowered, I think not always
    2. Furnace and inferno tower
    Out of all buildings, furnace and inferno tower was definitely the most hatred, it basically decreases cannon and tombstone’s usage even both furnace and inferno tower were much expensive, they are currently too annoying to deal, perhaps making cannon and tombstone a buff will decrease both of their usage a bit
    3. Giant
    Even the time when the poison got killed, making giant lose a combo, he’s still one of the best and most annoying cards to deal with. Giant is the cheapest of all tanks with bowler, and probably his status worth more than 6 elixir
    4. Elixir collector
    The elixir collector was considered as the best card with golem or any expensive cards, it generates elixir and had a very long lifetime. It should’ve been number 3, but the elixir cost increase hurt it a bit
    5. Mega minion
    A new card in this list! Mega minion is very strong and tanky (for a 3 elixir card it was already quite tanky) mega minion can defeat anything strong like baby dragon, and was perfection balanced after 2 nerf
    6 as considered one of the best cards, the new electro wizard hurt her rank a bit, but she’s still be considered as one of the best cards, a very long range and her high damage makes it all
    7 hog rider
    Hog rider definitely fallen a lot,but it’s still a very great offensive card for 4 elixir only, his great damage , speed and ability to junp over the river was the best part, remember to say “Hog riderrrrr!”
    8. Mini pekka
    Along with the hog mini PEKKA falls off the rank too,his damage was high, but the point is that he’s one of the easiest troop to distract, and he wasn’t that tanky, a hit point boost will make it better
    9. Valkyrie
    Another card fallen too! Valkyrie was tanky, deals quite a considerable amount of damage and had a 360 degree splash, but now the knight was a great counter, she fallen too, hopefully she’ll be used more when knight fall
    10. Tombstone
    4th card in a row which had fallen, tombstone was rank to to the same reason above, and furnace hurts it too, tombstone is more like a great defensive building , but the fact that furnace and inferno was better brings down its value
    11 ice golem
    Ok, the last fallen card, due to knight as more tanky, stronger for only 1 extra elixir. Ice golem fallls, it was still great due to his tanky body, but due to the fact it’s too cheap and too weak brings
    down the value
    12 rocket
    As fireball is cheaper, rocket wasn’t the most reliable spell, it’s too sloooooooooooooooow, making it unreliable against elite barbarians, it’s still a great card, but good luck mastering your timing
    13 3 musketeers
    Rocket wasn’t that hard to master against 3 musketeers, they’re easily countered by fireball and rocket, they’re risky for 9 elixir, but can be very rewarding
    14 barbarian hut
    Starting now these cards were underwhelming, barbarian hut wasn’t the worst spawned in my opinion, but it was too slow, they aren’t good on offensive, but as a defence it was alright so it’s 14th
    15 dart goblin
    Dart goblin wasn’t a good card, it’s health was too low, he only cost 3 elixir but his health doesn’t worth, a health buff, he’ll be the top of the meta
    16 wizard
    Hate to said that, I’m a fan of the wizard , I think he was underrated too, but nowadays he became outclassed by the electro wizard, ice wizard or even the witch! As the other are cheaper or has more special abilities, wizard has less, he might need a longer range so he’ll be comparative to musketeer
    17 bomb tower
    A bit Horrible, bomb tower was too expensive, too weak, for 5 elixir , the projection speed helped, but it’s still in the worst meta, need a rework
    18 goblin hut
    Worst card, totally priceless, barbarian hut can at least defend well, gob hut can’t be compared to any spawners building, and nothing can help unless supercell decreases the elixir cost
    All my opinions


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