Clash Royale- Ranking the Common Cards

Ever wonder what the best common card in Clash Royale is? I definitely have and I decided to rank all the common cards in Clash Royale! I’ll give a brief explanation for each card!

Clash Royale Best Commons

  1. Barbarians- For me, barbarians are far away the best common card and one of the top 3 cards in the entire game. You get 4 barbarians for just 5 elixir and are basically able to counter any card in the game. Barbarians should be used in every deck in my opinion, due to their extremely versatile nature and their ability to be an offensive or defensive card.
  2. Minion Horde- The minion horde is very similar to barbarians surprisingly. They are also 5 elixir, but you are able to get great value off of that 5 elixir. The minion horde deals insane damage and it great for taking out any card that doesn’t deal splash damage like the wizard, princess, or fire spirits. Their one downfall is that they are way too easily beat; 3 elixir arrows effectively ends them.
  3. Arrows- Arrows are great because they are so cheap. You can take out the minion horde for a 2 elixir gain or use them to take out 2 of 3 of: minions, goblins, spear goblins for another gain. They don’t do much damage, but they are so great for taking out spam units. You basically need either these or fireball in your deck to succeed!
  4. Royal Giant- Just a little while ago, the royal giant would have appeared at the very bottom of this list! However, after its latest buff, it has become an OP unit because its range is just so insane. It stands outside all defenses radius, making it so that only the tower can shoot it! Much better than a regular giant, even with that extra 1 elixir cost.
  5. Cannon- Definitely the best defense in the game! The cannon only costs 3 elixir and can be used to quickly distract an incoming hog rider. Unfortunately, it can’t shoot air units, but the air units will still target it. The cannon is best used as a distraction and it is a very powerful distraction, closing out the top 5 common cards.
  6. Zap- Like the royal giant, just a month or two ago, the zap would be appearing at the very bottom of this list. Instead, due to its 1 second freeze duration, it has become commonly used across all arenas. You can use it to clear an incoming minion horde or take out skeletons and goblins. For 2 elixir, it has a great value, which makes it 6th on our list.
  7. Spear Goblins- I’ve had spear goblins in my deck since the very beginning of this game and there is a good reason why! Spear goblins are a great way to take out a balloon or barbarians for a very cheap cost. They are only 2 elixir and offer so much more than that since they are able to shoot air units. Behind a tank, they can work wonders!
  8. Tesla- Besides the cannon, this is the next best defense to counter a hog or giant. It is still relatively cheap, costing 4 elixir and it does have more HPs than the cannon. Its main advantage is being able to shoot air troops, but there are only 5 air troops in Clash Royale currently. Overall, decent card that can work well in lots of decks.
  9. Minions- Why choose minions over the minion horde? There are only 2 main reasons. The minions won’t be arrowed because most players don’t want to waste their arrows. Also they are much cheaper, which means they can be deployed in a heartbeat. Beyond that though, its an OK card with decent damage.
  10. Skeletons- Skeletons should be much higher on the scale of usefulness, but their one elixir cost brings them down astronomically. They are actually a great card, good for distraction and taking out cards like the mini-P.E.K.K.A. and prince. Great card, but the fact they are so cheap and weak bring down their rank.
  11. Goblins- Very similar to skeletons; the goblins are very underrated. Goblins go great with a hog, making a good push to take out whatever defense your opponent plays. They are a bit stronger and deal more damage than skeletons, but there are only 3, which makes it more difficult to take out the cards mentioned above.
  12. Fire Spirits- Originally, I thought that fire spirits were one of the worst cards in the game when they came out. A troop that disappears??? But the fire spirits really make a good counter to goblins, spear goblins, and minion horde, since they do splash damage. Really good against the hog swarm deck too. Give em a try because I’m sure they will get better overtime.
  13. Bomber- Now we start to get into the undesirable cards. Even with the latest buff to the bomber, he is still incredibly weak, with most players preferring the wizard. Really, the only thing the bomber is used for is a counter to barbarians or goblins, earning him one of the lower spots on the list.
  14. Archers- Archers are almost never seen at the higher levels, simply because there are so many better options than them. Spear goblins are far more popular because they only cost 2 elixir, as compared to 3. They are very weak as well, one level higher arrows will take out the comparing archers.
  15. Mortar- Wow, wow, wow. Throwback to 2 months ago when the mortar was one of the most powerful cards in the game. How the mighty have fallen. The mortar now takes a ridiculous 5 seconds to deploy, making it a complete nightmare to defend. It was a good buff, but it has hurt the mortar a lot.
  16. Knight- In my opinion, the straight up worst card in the game. It was buffed in the recent change, but it is still way to weak and doesn’t deal enough damage. Why take the knight when you could take the mini-P.E.K.K.A. for damage? Why take the knight when you could take the barbarians for HPs? Cheap, but the 3 elixir isn’t enough to make it worth it.

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Thanks for reading! Look for the rankings of the rares, epics, and legendary cards to come in the following days! Leave a comment if you disagree with any of our rankings.

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13 thoughts on “Clash Royale- Ranking the Common Cards

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  3. Why’d you rank skeletons at 10th before? Nowadays it’s the same and you said they’re great. Is it because they aren’t too many strong cards before ? Or something works better


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