Clash of Clans Trap Upgrading Order

Ever since you were able to upgrade traps in an Clash of Clans update a while ago, well upgraded traps are a must in any respectable base design. So lets go ahead any go through which traps should come first when upgrading in Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans Trap Upgrading Guide

1. Giant Bombs-

Giant bombs are probably the most valuable traps in Clash of Clans and can change the course of a raid with one swoop! The giant bombs are important to upgrade so that you can get that extra damage. One upgrade level could be the difference between completely destroying a hog raid and one heal spell keeping the whole pack alive. Get these upgraded fast when you get to a new Town Hall level!

Giant Bomb Upgrading Strategy Clash of Clans

2. Air Bombs-

All air bombs will easily take out a pack of minions, regardless of level. However, the real key to upgrading air bombs is to get a pack of balloons very low on health. Upgrading these fast are especially important at Town Hall 9 and 10 when you are most likely to be attacked using air compositions. Once again, these can be the difference between a failed and successful defense.

Air Bomb Upgrading Strategy Clash of Clans

3. Skeleton Trap-

The skeleton trap was the latest trap added, but that was a long, long time ago. It is a great little device to take out balloons, if set on air, and giants, if set on ground. It provides an unbeatable weapon against those troops. Also the skeleton trap can distract heros from getting the 50% or TH, so they are definitely work your money!

Skeleton Trap Upgrading Strategy Clash of Clans

4. Bombs-

Essentially, bombs are going to be weaker versions of the giant bomb. Therefore, they definitely shouldn’t take precedent over upgrading giant bombs, but they still are important, as they bring big damage toward groups of hogs, giants, and valkyries. Upgrading them can really boost your overall defense grade.

Bomb Upgrading Strategy Clash of Clans

5. Seeking Air Mines- 

Seeking air mines are very powerful. So powerful in fact that it would make much of a difference to upgrade them. Since they will take a balloon down, the only troops it can really be used for are the dragon and the lava hound. An extra 300 damage is nice, but other traps should come first over this one; simply because you can get by fine with just level 1s.

Seeking Air Mine Upgrading Strategy Clash of Clans

6. Spring Traps- 

Last and definitely least is the spring trap. I really can’t see you arguing against the fact that spring traps should be the last trap upgraded. This was a recent add-on in a recent update and I have yet to upgrade any of my spring traps. Upgrading it to level 2 increases it’s “spring capacity” by 1, but you can already take out 3 giant; one more space isn’t going to do a lot.

Spring Trap Upgrading Strategy Clash of Clans

So those are all

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