Ranking EVERY Chest in Clash Royale

There are 13 chests in Clash Royale that you can receive through quests and battles. We are going to rank all of these chests, in order of how many cards you receive, the chance of getting a legendary, and availability. That means that all chests, from free to super magical, will be put to the test in this chest ranking!

Clash Royale Chest Rankings

Clash Royale Chest Rankings

#13- Silver Chest

Yes, the silver chest is going to be the worst chest in Clash Royale, even worse than the free chest. While the free chest and silver chest give the same amount of cards, you have a much higher chance to receive a legendary card out of a free chest. Both are very common, but with repetitive silver chests from battle, it’s got to be the most hated chest in Clash Royale.

#12- Free Chest

Like I mentioned above, the free chest isn’t much better than the silver chest, only beating it out by legendary odds. No longer do you get one every 4 hours, but instead you can get up to 3 a day through quests. That adds another advantage to free chests over silver chests, as they give you quest points to earn even bigger chests.

#11- Golden Chest

The golden chest, while having pretty decent rewards, comes in at a pretty low placement in our chest rankings. While definitely being better than silver chests, the golden chest can’t stack up to other, bigger chests, that you can receive from battle and quests. Still, a golden chest gives you a 1/200 chance to draw a legendary and gives you a decent stack of cards.

#10- Giant Chest

Of all the chests in Clash Royale, the giant chest is the most undeserving of the hype around it. While you can get a ton of common and rare cards, it is unlikely that one of the card stacks will be a card you heavily use. The gold isn’t even that great for such a major chest that is equal to a magical chest according to chest cycles. But it does give you a lot of cards, more than a golden chest!

#9- Fortune Chest

Of the three new chests, I think that the fortune chest is the least impressive. Quite honestly, it seems like an easy money grab for Clash Royale. If you see a card you use, you buy one in the hopes that the card will be contained in the fortune chest. This chest gives you false hope about cards, but because of the 1/10 chance for a legendary and 250 cards mean it is #9.

#8- Crown Chest

Ever since the crown chest buff about a year ago, it has really been a great way to boost yourself by playing a lot. The main reason it ranks #8 is because you can get one every day, giving you a huge boost if you are extremely active. Away from availability, the chest itself isn’t bad, giving you a 1/70 chance for a legendary, as well as almost 100 cards.

#7- Epic Chest

The odds that you will get an epic card that you actually use is pretty low with the epic chest, but thanks to Epic Sunday, it doesn’t matter. In Arena 12, you get 20 epic cards, which can translate to 10,000 gold if you donate the cards. So, thanks to the gold boost, the epic chest passed the crown chest for the #7 spot in our chest rankings for Clash Royale.

#6- Clan Chest

While it can often seem that the clan chest doesn’t live up to expectations (tons of crowns per member for this chest), I love it because it can bring your clan together unlike anything else in Clash Royale. Besides that, the 10/10 clan chest carries double as many cards as a magical chest, as well as having a 1/10 chest to provide you a legendary card.

#5- Lightning Chest

The second new chest coming in the December 2017 update, the lightning chest is great because it lets you determine what cards you can replace. Internally, its not the best chest giving 125 cards and a 1/100 chance for a legendary, but the strikes really allows you to determine what cards you receive. If you get a card you barely use, you can quickly replace it,

#4- Magical Chest

Magical chests have been around since the beginning of Clash Royale and still are ranked #4 out of all chests. Compared to some of the newer chests added, the magical chest lacks the card amount, but makes up for it with the epic and legendary cards inside. You are guaranteed 4 epics, more than the clan chest and have a 1/7 chance for a legendary.

#3- Legendary Chest

Besides the new legendary king’s chest, the legendary chest is the only chest in Clash Royale that is guaranteed to have a legendary card inside. While it doesn’t have any other cards, sometimes it is worth buying just to unlock the hardest cards to get in Clash Royale. Other cards can come via other chests, but a guaranteed legendary is tough to beat.

#2- Legendary King’s Chest

A step above the legendary chest is the legendary king’s chest, which gives you a guaranteed legendary as well as other cards. It was a close call between this and the #1 chest, because the LKC gives you a CHOICE between the cards you want. This is a huge advantage, since you get 350 cards from this chest. Still, it can’t quite beat our #1 chest.

#1- Super Magical Chest

Probably without surprise, the super magical chest is going to be the best chest in Clash Royale. Giving you an unprecedented 792 cards; this more than doubles any other chest. Also, the odds of a legendary card are basically 100%, since these give out a legendary 4 out of 5 times. You also get 26 epics, more than the epic chests itself. This chest just can’t be beat!

And with the SMC, that is going to wrap it up for our chest rankings in Clash Royale! These are EXTREMELY debatable (besides the #1 and #2 spot), since each chest varies with what cards you get. Thanks for reading and comment below how your chest rankings would go!

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21 thoughts on “Ranking EVERY Chest in Clash Royale

    • Didn’t include them because it varies so much on the place you get and how big the tourney is. They’d probably be near the bottom though


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    • Yes, but the strikes it gives you are invaluable. Because of that it is INFINITELY better than the giant chest, since GCs rarely give you the cards you use


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