Clash Royale Tournaments Complete Overview

Tournaments have been released in the latest Clash Royale July update for 2016 and honestly, tournaments are one of the best things to happen to Clash Royale! I have already played in one and it is a lot of fun to do. This article is overview about the entire tournament system as of July 2016.

Tournaments Clash Royale

Tournament Mode

In order to unlock tournament mode, you must be a level 8 or higher. This is to ensure that tournaments include high level gameplay with lots of different strategies and so a variety of players can win.

Starting a Tournament

Starting a tournament costs a ton of gems, but if you start the smallest tournament (50 players) for 500 gems, you can earn that right back in an achievement. Here are the different sizes and lengths of tournaments you can start in Clash Royale:

Tournament Sizes

-50 Players, 80 Players, 120 Players, 200 Players, 300 Players, 500 Players, 600 Players, 800 Players, 1000 Players

Tournament Lengths

-1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours, 8 Hours, 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days

Now obviously the more people in each tournament, the bigger the rewards. Keep that in mind when starting a tournament.

Finding a Tournament

Finding a tournament in Clash Royale has proved pretty difficult. When you scroll to the tournament page, this screen will appear:

Finding a Tournament Clash Royale

It takes a while to find a tournament that is completely open but just wait on the screen for a few minutes and as soon as you see a tournament that isn’t full, click on it and select join.

Playing in a Tournament

When you are in the middle of  a tournament, you just click battle and it will randomly match you up against anyone else looking for a battle at that time. From there is just works like a normal battle would, but with a 3 minute overtime so that there has to be a winner basically. 

Tournament Chests

Tournament chests are the whole reason for playing in tournaments! The bigger the tournament and the higher you place in a tournament, the bigger the chest rewards. For winning a tournament with 1000 players, you will receive 15,000 cards, and unbelievable number. 500 epics are guaranteed in the chest. At the minimum, for placing in the top 20 of a 50 person tournament you will receive a chest with 8 cards in it; one rare.

Tournament Chests Clash Royale

Tournament Achievements

Last but not least, you will receive achievements for competing and gaining rewards in tournaments. Think that 500 gems is too much for a tournament? Well you get those gems right back. For starting your first tournament you will receive 500 gems. Other achievements are unlocking cards from tournaments and joining a tournament.

Tournament Achievements Clash Royale

So that is all there is to these new tournaments in Clash Royale, added in during the July 2016 update! Check back soon for some new Clash Royale update news! Also subscribe to us on YouTube to see some new Clash Royale gameplay from the update:


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