Clash Royale September Update New Tournaments

In the newest Clash Royale update, in September 2016 most likely, we will be seeing a brand new rework of tournaments. Tournament mode right now pretty much sucks, it is nearly impossible to join a tournament, so when the first sneak peeks for the September update drop, look for a new rework to tournaments to be among it. Lets talk about what Clash Royale needs to fix about tournaments.

Clash Royale September Update Sneak Peek

Being Able to Join a Tourney

As almost all of you know, it is nearly impossible to join a tournament right now. When the tournament update first came out, it wasn’t THAT hard to join, though it was difficult. However, there were a lot of tournaments then because of the 500 gem reward. Now, no one wants to start a tournament for 500 gems, so there is barely any tournaments to join. It is a major problem that Clash Royale needs to update, probably by having Supercell run tournaments or by fixing the next problem.

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Tournaments Clash Royale

Cheaper Tournament Costs

Cheaper tournament costs are a must if the tournament system in Clash Royale is to survive. Right now, it costs 250,00 gems to make the biggest tournament, which is around $1,767 US. That is insane for the casual player. Tournament costs should be cut into a tenth of what it did cost, meaning the top tourney would cost 176 dollars. Of course, prizes would have to be lowered too, but it’s better to have a small prize versus not even being able to try and get that prize.

Tournament Chests Clash Royale

Tournament Cheating

Tournament cheating isn’t a huge deal right now in Clash Royale, but it could become a huge one. Tournament cheating isn’t exactly cheating but the whole basis behind it is that you start your own tournament where you automatically win the top chest. Valuable tournaments spots are being wasted by this cheating for a free chest.

Clash Royale Tournaments Sneak Peek

Tournament Win Trading

Win trading in Clash Royale tournaments, unlike cheating, is a very big deal right now in the game. Two players who know each other or are in the same clan will join the same tournament and win trade back and forth since trophies are heavily inflated in tournaments. It ends up that they are far ahead of the competition and they will easily take 1-2 in the tournament.

Tournament Achievements Clash Royale

So that is basically everything Clash Royale will have to fix in this September 2016 update if they want tournaments to be an overall success. We will see once the sneak peeks start rolling in… stay tuned!


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