Easiest Way to Join Tournaments Fast with 100% Success!

With the new update concerning tournaments out in July of 2016, a lot of players are having a lot of difficulty find a tournament to join that isn’t full. In this post, I will be sharing with you guys my tips for joining a Clash Royale tournament in under a minute with nearly 100% success rate!

Tournaments Clash Royale

How to Join Clash Royale Tournaments

So many people are having a lot of trouble joining these tournaments because they are completely full with players. Because everyone in Clash Royale is so excited for tournaments, its really tough to find a tournament to join. To find a tournament to play in quickly, you need to follow the following steps very quickly!

  1. Scroll to the Tournaments tab in the game.
  2. Look for any tournaments that are gold. Gold means that the tournament hasn’t started yet and it might not be full.
  3. If there isn’t any gold tournaments, click the search button to refresh your screen.
  4. If you do see a tournament that is gold, click on it and select join as fast as you can.

Tournament Chests Clash Royale

Now, obviously, this isn’t completely fool proof and sometimes people might beat you to a gold tournament that is still open. Keep refreshing and I guarantee you will be able to find a tournament within a few minutes.

Thanks for reading this article about the easiest way to find tournaments in Clash Royale! Keep checking back for some more article about Clash Royale and Clash of Clans in the future!

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