Clash Royale Update: New Tournament Mode!

A new tournament mode was sneak peeked for the September 2016 Clash Royale update today and I have to say, Clash Royale has really outdone themselves. There will be a new tournament mode for this update, almost completely different from current tournaments. The new mode is called tournament challenges!

What are Tournament Challenges?

Tournament challenges are kind of hard to explain, so watch the video to get a good overview.

Tournament challenges are “challenges” that cost gems to join, the classic challenge costs 10, while the grand challenge will cost 100 gems to join. However, the rewards of the grand challenge are 11 times bigger than the classic challenge as compared to 10 times the cost.

Clash Royale Update Tournament ChallengesAnyways, the top prize for the challenge is won if you can win 12 battles, without losing 3! As soon as you lose 3 battles, your challenge ends and you get the rewards for however many battles you won. The more you win, the more inflated your win bonus is!

Clash Royale Update Tournament Challenges

So this should provide a nice alternative to tournaments, especially because you can get into one of these no matter the time or place! I for one, can barely wait to try this new mode out and you guys should definitely try challenges out as well! See you soon for hopefully the next sneak peek!

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