Clash Royale Tournaments in 2017……

Tournaments were the most hyped up update ever in Clash Royale and in the first few days, they DEFINITELY delivered. Tournaments were the best part of Clash Royale and made me even more excited about my favorite game just months after it was first released. But, tournaments were released almost a year ago, so how are they doing now in 2017?

Tournaments History in Clash Royale

Tournaments Clash RoyaleSo if you guys have been playing Clash Royale for a while, you can definitely remember tournaments coming out! Tournaments were first released in the July 4th, 2016 update along with Frozen Peak, the log, and the lumberjack. This was super hype and for the first few days, there was always a tournament available to join and try your best against other random players. Rewards were low, but it was all good since it was for fun! July 4th, 5th, and 6th, were some of the most fun I’ve had in Clash Royale ever.


Clash Royale Update Victory Challenges

However, after those couple of days, tournaments started to become a lot scarcer. That was because Clash Royale added an achievement worth 500 gems for starting one tournament while a tournament cost 500 gems. You broke even with gems and had fun so everyone wanted to play and start one! But once every player got the achievement, tournaments were far and rare across the land.

There were occasional tournaments hosted by YouTubers and streamers, but these were massive and were hard to get any rewards for. Also, it was tough to join because they would be filled up so quickly. Then, everything changed…..


Tournaments Clash RoyaleIn the September 9th, 2016 update, challenges were added to Clash Royale. First off all, challenges already took away from traditional tournaments because challenges were cheaper with the easier potential for bigger rewards. But this update also had some big changes in for tournaments as well as adding challenges into the game.

First off, the sizes of tournaments were cut from 9 different sizes to 4. Also, the cost in gems to create a tournament was completely revamped, making it much cheaper. But with this cheap cost, tournament rewards were greatly decreased. And the final nail in the coffin; the top 20% of the tournament field would receive rewards, as opposed to the top 50% before. All of this has completely killed custom tournaments, so now we have a few solutions on how to bring tournaments back into Clash Royale and make them a major part of the game again!


Solutions to FIX Tournaments

Supercell Sponsored Tournaments- First off the biggest problem with tournaments is that there is literally never any going on. This is because it costs gems to create and as a creator you are unlikely to win many rewards. Supercell sponsored tournaments would make sure that it is a free to entry affair, without one person having to fork over the gems. Also, this would guarantee tournaments occurring.

Rewards for ALL Participants- Another huge turnoff to tournaments is an hour of battling for a 20% chance at 4 cards. Why would anyone want to spend an hour for that? Rewards should go to all participants, maybe just 1 card for the absolute bottom, but if you get 4th in a 100 person tournament, you should not be earning 4 cards.

Extremely Cheap Costs- Lastly, it really hurts that tournaments cost gems to create. Having really cheap tournaments available would let it so that there would actually be tournaments to join again even if the rewards are low.

So that is all I’ve got for this little rant/solutions on tournaments. I really enjoyed tournaments and don’t want them to die out in this way, with being a pointless part of Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think it would take for Clash Royale to change tournaments to be a key part of the game again.

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10 thoughts on “Clash Royale Tournaments in 2017……

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  3. Tournaments are fun when you can actually place well in them. I guess I can average 1-7th place in 25-2000 card tournaments. I like them, though! Just make the cost lower and prizes better.


  4. Unless supercell used these ways to bring back custom tournaments, rip custom tournament…… just kidding, we can still do with friends for fun


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