Clash of Clans Ice Wizard New Troop Guide

As the last part of the Merry Clashmas event, Clash of Clans added in a new troop, the ice wizard into the game. Right now, the ice wizard is only temporary, but hopefully this will change as the ice wizard is a very strong and popular troop in Clash of Clans already. In today’s article, I’ll be offering a completely guide to the ice wizard and how to use this new troop.

Clash of Clans Ice Wizard New Troop Guide

Ice Wizard Overview and Stats

The ice wizard will feature a freezing aspect along with doing damage, just like in Clash Royale. The ice wizard has a sweet look with icy hair and a winter coat to protect him against the cold.

C4D Tip: The ice wizard is the third Clash Royale card to enter Clash Royale, after the miner and the baby dragon.

Clash of Clans Ice Wizard New Troop

Here are some key stats for complete understanding of the ice wizard!

  • Unlocked with level 7 barracks
  • Can’t be donated or leveled up because it is a temporary troop
  • Takes up 4 army space
  • Targets defenses as primary target, then turns to other buildings
  • Costs 1,500 elixir to train

With these stats we can tell that the ice wizard is a great bargain, taking up only 4 housing space and only costing 1,500 elixir. Now that you guys know some of the basic statistics about the ice wizard, lets go ahead and get into some strategy!

Attacking with Ice Wizards

Since ice wizards target defenses but have relatively low health, it is best to use them as a support unit, placed behind giants or hogs. When used as support, these ice wizards won’t be killed, but will be slowing the opponents defenses from killing your tank unit as well as dealing some critical damage.

In this example, I’ll be using my classic barch farming strategy to demonstrate how the ice wizard should be deployed and used. First off, make sure your barbarians (or other tanks) is placed ahead, then drop your ice wiz in behind.

Clash of Clans Ice Wizard Attacking Strategy

After they go in, here is the animation of the ice wizard shooting down and slowing a cannon.

Clash of Clans Ice Wizard Attacking Strategy

Surprisingly, the IWs will actually do quite a bit of damage. Two ice wizards are easily able to take out a level 11 cannon, as shown in the above photo.

C4D Tip: At TH9, an ice wizard takes 3 shots from a cannon to die, 4 if the cannon isn’t maxed.

Ice Wizard Army Compositions

For both farming, pushing, and war, I have some fun army composition that feature the ice wizard within.

Giant-Ice Wizard Pushing/Farming Comp-

Clash of Clans Giant Ice Wizard Army Composition

This army composition is just a basic giant support comp featuring heal and rage spells for your giant. This type of deck is perfect for pushing up through crystal or master, or simply farming some storage raids. The ice wizards are great support for the giants as they will freeze all the defenses, provided that the IWs stay in behind the giants.

Hog-Ice Wizard War Comp-

Clash of Clans Hog Ice Wizard Army Composition

Out of all the cards in the game, I think that the ice wizard works the best wit hog riders. With 4 heal spells and ice wizards as support, it is nearly impossible for the defenses to take down the hogs, especially in the beginning of the battle when the ice wiz are still around the hog. TH8s and TH9s: use this strategy in war!

Barch-Ice Wizard Farming Comp-

Clash of Clans Barch Ice Wizard Army Composition

Lastly, for just pure farming purposes, this barch deck will not only help you get all the loot in collector raids, but also allows you to win the ice wizard challenge since it features 11 ice wiz. For this Clash of Clans army composition, you want to play your barch in a line, then drop the ice wizards in key spots to slow down any point defenses killing your barbs or archers.

Ice Wizard Challenge

The ice wizard Christmas special is just a quick way to gain some XP and a few gems.

Clash of Clans Ice Wizard Challenge Special Event

You have a week to win 3 battles with ice wizards in your army; as long as there are 11 ice wiz deployed then that battle counts toward the challenge. After winning only 3, you are rewarded with 300 XP and 30 gems. While it’s not a ton of gems, its a fun way to mix up your army compositions, have some fun, and gain a bit of a prize.

Ice Wizard as a Permanent Troop?

Personally, I think the ice wizard is such a great support troop and should have a permanent home within Clash of Clans. Apparently, the creators of Clash of Clans believe so too.

If you pull up the ice wizard information screen, you can see that there is space available for this new troop to be upgraded!

Clash of Clans Ice Wizard Permanent Troop

Since it can’t be upgraded now as a temporary card, that must mean that it would have to become a permanent addition to Clash of Clans in order to reach level 2 and fill those bars completely! So maybe in 2017, we will be seeing the ice wizard added into CoC.

So this is going to wrap up our guide on the ice wizard within Clash of Clans. Thanks a ton for reading and make sure to come back tomorrow for a fun post on the future of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Tell all your clashing buddies about the site!

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