Clash of Clans September 2016 Update Features Leaked!

The September 2016 update for Clash of Clans will be coming shortly and it is almost guaranteed that this new update to Clash of Clans is going to be massive. We should start seeing some sneak peeks shortly! A lot of this new update will be focused on balancing the game and making sure that Clash of Clans can be played for many years to come. While balancing will be a lot of it and what this leak focuses on, there should be other features along with these.

In the forum leak, it is said that 20 different update possibilities are there, but these are only the first 5. Look for the other 15 to come later on!

Change to Engineering Bases

A few months back Clash of Clans changed clan war weighting to stop people who had high level bases, but low level troops, and were only upgrading the ones the troops they used. But then people began to have high level troops, along with low level bases. Clash of Clans will be balancing things out again so make sure that TH 8.5 and 9.5 don’t own the show.

Arranged War Clash of Clans

New Clan Perks

Currently, perks cap out at level 10, but clan levels keep going on past 10. Clash of Clans is planning on including some more rewards but that don’t help the clan. Imagine new decorations such clan flags and other clan related things. Clash of Clans doesn’t want to increase the perks system because clan perks too heavily influence people to join a specific clan, and in another year or two it would be extremely hard to recruit people into a startup clan with so many high level clans.

Clan Perks September 2016

Heroes in War

In this next update, it will still be a no to having upgrading heroes always available. However, they really want to have them in friendly challenges, to allow for real practice, so it’s very likely that we will see heroes available in challenges in September.

Global Chat & Co-Leader Chat

Global chat has been on the radar for a long time, the problem is so many on the Clash of Clans team have mixed feelings about it. Some want to get rid of it, others want to improve it because it’s really the only in-game way of recruiting people. Clash of Clans will be looking over this soon and what to do in regard to it. As for co-leader chat, they love the idea of it, but are unsure of the implementation of it. Every single message is recorded due to legal reasons, and another chat is just more messages to store. We might be seeing a new co-leader chat in the next update.

Friendly Challenges

The moderator who posted this on forums can’t give any details on what’s coming, but says we can expect a lot of improvements and changes to friendly challenges. The 24 hour cooldown is almost certain to change. It be frustrating to wait, especially if you are testing a base, and need to move a few traps. Most likely we will be see a maximum number of building moves you can change in 24 hours.

Friendly Challenges UPDATED

That’s all we know right now about should be coming in the September update for Clash of Clans! I’ll keep you guys updated about new leaks and new released right up into the update goes out!

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