New Tornado Card LEAKED in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale leaked the newest Clash Royale card, the tornado today! This tornado card should be coming in the next Clash Royale update. They tweet out some new balance changes to the game, while “accidentally” showing us the tornado card in the process. Here’s a picture of the tornado:

Clash Royale Tornado Leaked

So according to this picture, the tornado will cost 3 elixir and will be one of the cheapest epic cards in the Clash Royale. One can assume that the tornado will act similarly to the log, except instead of moving them back, the tornado will move the troops every which way!

Clash Royale Tornado Leaked December 2016 Update

Looks to be an awesome new addition to Clash Royale; can’t wait for the next update when the tornado is released! Make sure to check back in here tomorrow for more sneak peek news!

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