Clash Royale November Update SNEAK PEEK: Friendlier Battles

The first sneak peek of the November 2016 update was released for Clash Royale, an update that will include new cards and many big updates to the game! Today, I’m going to be going through what changes were announced in just the first November sneak peek!

Tornado Card Leaked

This actually happened last night, but a card was leaked in Clash Royale’s official tweet! Read about it here.

Clash Royale Tornado Leaked

Friendlier Friendly Battles Sneak Peek

Basically, what this means is that friendly battles are now going to be at tournament standards. That means that if you are level 6, all of your cards will be bumped up to tournament standard cards (9, 7, 4, 1) and if you are level 13, all of your cards will be bumped down to tournament standards.

Clash Royale Sneak Peek Update Friendlier Friendly Battles

Elixir Bar Hidden for Spectators

In a smaller sneak peek, the elixir bar will now be hidden for spectators watching the battle. Before, this allowed players to cheat and tell how much elixir their opponent had, something extremely unfair, but officially legal. Now, no one will be able to see elixir except the players themselves.

Card Requests to 7 Hours

This is just a pure balance change to allow it more likely for you to request 3 times a day instead of 2. Should be a lot easier to get new cards and to get higher level cards.

Clan Trophies to 4000

In a change that was a long time coming, you can now set clan minimum trophies to 4,000 instead of 3,000. Very nice for higher level clans that had spam requests coming in.

Muting is Actually Muting

That’s right, when you mute an opponent it will actually make all the emotes go away; there will no longer be a white box with black dots. You will not know at all if your opponent is spamming.

So thats a lot of basic changes to Clash Royale coming in just this sneak peek. Small changes, but very good changes. Thanks for reading, and come back tomorrow for more sneak peek news!


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