Clash Royale Best Non-Legendary Decks

Lots of players in Clash Royale don’t have legendary cards, which means that they need non-legendary decks in order to win in Clash Royale! Today, I have the best decks without legendary cards, perfect for pushing up to Frozen Peak or Legendary Arena. Enjoy these decks and I hope they help you win!

You will be seeing a lot of the same cards in these decks, namely mega minion, furnace, archers, and inferno tower because they are so s strong right now. The log is in almost every top deck, which you can work around by putting zap or arrows in instead.

Best Ice Golem Hog Deck

Clash Royale Best Hog Rider Ice Golem Deck

Hog and ice golem is one of the strongest combos in Clash Royale right now which means it can work well without legendaries in it. Your basic push should be the ice golem in front with the hog behind and an ice spirit trailing the whole push. Meanwhile you mostly defend with your other meta cards including archers and mega minion.

Best Bowler X-Bow Deck

Best Bowler X-Bow Deck

Obviously, like with all x-bow decks you need to get the x-bow up with other troops defending it. I’d recommend playing the furnace and then the x-bow with something supporting it; the bowler is usually best. You can play good defense against the hog and giant with the barbarians and defend your x-bow well with the rest of your cards.

Best Giant Tombstone Deck

Best Giant Tombstone Deck

Once again we will be seeing the mega minion in this deck due to how OP this card is in Clash Royale at the moment. The giant is also pretty strong, but the inferno tower weakens it a lot. That’s why you have the tombstone, with it providing a steady stream of skeletons to help out taking the inferno down.

Best Royal Giant Furnace Deck

Best Royal Giant Furnace Deck

Definitely one of the strongest cards in Clash Royale right now is the royal giant with its ability to take out the inferno tower. You want to support the royal giant with the furnace and archers/mega minion in order to take down whatever your opponent places to defend you. You also do have the lightning which can nearly take down the opposing inferno tower.

So those are 4 great no legendary decks that can help you push up no matter how many trophies you have in Clash Royale. I hope that these decks helped you a lot and can take you up in trophies! Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for more Clash of Clans or Clash Royale content.

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