Best No Legendary Decks in Clash Royale

Legendaries are the rarest cards in Clash Royale, making them very difficult to obtain so that some players may only none. Even if you do have some, it is unlikely that you will have unlocked all the legendary cards in Clash Royale. Therefore, we have the best decks without any legendary cards in them, decks that you can win with without having to pay your way through Clash Royale!

Best No Legendary Decks Clash Royale

Best No Legendary Decks

No Legendary Hog Rider Deck

Clash Royale No Legendary Hog Deck

The hog is a very classic non legendary win condition, with hog-goblins-freeze being very popular at the beginning of Clash Royale. This hog rider deck is very simple, but gives you the cards that you need to win. The knight is one of the strongest cards in Clash Royale right now, offering a ton of value for 3 elixir. Combining the musketeer and hog rider can turn into a deadly push, especially when combined with the ice spirit. You do have 3 spells in this deck, which can sometimes hurt in card rotation, but the fireball, zap, and tornado all work well to beat the counter troops your opponent may play against your hog rider.

No Legendary Three Musketeers Deck

Clash Royale No Legendary Three Musketeers Deck

Three musketeers have definitely been on the rise in the current meta, especially combined with the battle ram. These two offensive cards prove tough to counter if you don’t have high damage spells. Besides those two cards, you have 4 of the strongest defensive cards in all of Clash Royale in the knight, minion horde, ice spirit, and goblin gang. Together, these sultans of defense will be able to counter most pushes that come your way! To finish off this no legendary deck, we have the elixir collector, which is critical with this high of an average elixir deck and the zap, which can be used well to clear goblin gang and skeleton army.

No Legendary Golem Balloon Deck

Clash Royale No Legendary Golem Balloon Deck

Combining two of the most damaging building seeking troops can often give you astonishing results! If your opponent does have a defensive building, they will only be able to play it against either the golem or the balloon, not both. Without superb support units, a deck wouldn’t be anything, so luckily we’ve got some strong ones. The mega minion and archers can be combined with either offensive unit to pair for a great push. Skeletons and the gang should be used on purely defenses, acting as your buffer between your opponent and your tower. Of course this deck would feature the elixir collector, due to its extremely high cost. And finally, we have arrows, which are usually played against minions and minion horde.

No Legendary PEKKA Deck

Clash Royale No Legendary PEKKA Deck

Our final non-legendary deck in Clash Royale features the PEKKA and the battle ram as the two main offensive units. The PEKKA acts as more of a tank, while the battle ram is all about connection with the tower. We also use dual goblin in this deck, with one (dart goblin) acting as support and the other (goblin gang) being used as a defensive troop. Two more support/defensive cards in this deck are the baby dragon and ice spirit, which are perfect for helping the PEKKA clear troops. Finally, we have two freezing spells in this PEKKA deck in the lightning and zap. Lightning, obviously, should be used against medium health units while the zap, obviously, should be used against swarm type troops.

That is going to be all of the decks that we have today for our best no legendary decks! If you guys don’t have any legendary cards, try out of these decks for instant success on the ladder. Thanks for reading and comment down below how many legendary cards you have unlocked so far!

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