Most Meta Deck #3: Zap Bait Deck

The latest of our weekly meta deck series is here and this week zap bait decks have been superior, especially a certain goblin barrel-furnace deck. I’ll be explaining the deck and the strategy behind it in order to dominate in this week’s meta!

Clash of Clans Best Zap Bait Deck All Arenas

Explaining the Deck

Clash Royale Best Zap Bait Deck

So this deck is a deck designed to bait out the most popular card in the game: the zap spell. With the recent nerf to zap, this deck only got stronger! Along with zap, arrows and the log want to be brought out as well. Basically, once the zap is used, this deck is versatile enough to bring out a number of cards to heap damage upon your opponent’s tower. Say a zap is used to take out your goblin barrel… then you want to push hard with minion horde since he probably doesn’t have another great counter to that.

This deck features 3 cards that are ALWAYS zapped, making it tough to come up with other counters. Mirrored goblin barrel is perfect for chip damage in case your opponent has multiple answers to your cards.

Starting Hand

When you begin a battle, your starting hand is the 4 different cards you have up. Learn how to play your starting hand. With your starting hand for this zap bait, there are really only 2 different plays you can do to help you effectively start the game.

Furnace: Playing a furnace in the middle of your side of the map is probably the best play for the beginning. The furnace will provide you will some defense, along with begin some chip damage onto your opponent’s tower. Just make sure to play it in the middle where defense targeting units will go towards it instead of your arena tower!

Clash Royale Zap Bait Deck Furnace

Princess: If you don’t have the furnace up and raring to go, then the only other play is to place the princess in the back, behind your king’s tower. This will provide you with an opportunity to push, as well as defending capability!

Clash Royale Zap Bait Deck Princess

How to Win with a Zap Bait Deck

So you can’t have a good deck if you aren’t able to win with it! Here are the key points to winning with a zap bait deck!

  • Know when to push: If you don’t know when to push, it can completely ruin your game. Pushing is important when you have a clear elixir advantage and when your opponent’s zap is out of rotation.
  • Learn your opponents deck: Not waiting to learn is how many great players lose with this deck. If your opponent plays the zap early in the battle, playing skeleton army with minion horde is NOT a good play, because your opponent might have another card besides zap to deal with those troops. One set of arrows or a fireball can destroy that entire push.
  • Chip, chip, chip: Despite the seemingly one-dominant-push-after-a-misplay-by-your-opponent style of play this deck gives off, the real way to win with a zap bait deck is to chip. A little damage here, a fireball here, a solid furnace chip here and the tower will slowly go down to your small units.
  • Double goblin barrels for the win: Best damage dealer in the game? Mirrored goblin barrels! Try to bait your opponents zap early in game, then push hard with the mirrored barrels as your opponent will quickly be overwhelmed. If not counter, the double GBs can take well over half the arena tower!

Clash Royale Zap Bait Deck Mirrored Goblin Barrels

Defending Popular Pushes

The best offense is the best defense! That is especially true with this deck, where positive elixir trades can completely change the game from a loss to a win. Here are some of the most popular combos in the Clash Royale meta right now and how you can stop them with the cards in this zap bait deck!

Ice Golem-Hog Rider: A quick skeleton army on the hog rider makes a 6 elixir push be countered by an easy 3 elixir. Keep in mind 2 things with this counter. 1) The hog rider will get 1-2 hits on your tower, but you do gain 3 elixir. 2) Be sure to place the skarmy on the hog and NOT the ice golem.

Clash Royale Zap Bait Deck Skeleton Army

Bowler-Graveyard: Bowler-graveyard can be scary, but as long as you place your skeleton army far enough away from the bowler, you will be able to shut down the push. Minion horde can go on the bowler to annihilate it. Keep in mind: you can easily switch the SA and MH, as long as you surround the bowler with the skarmy.

Clash Royale Zap Bait Deck Skeleton Army Minion Horde

LavaLoon: Lavaloon is still super popular,  but luckily this zap bait deck holds the ultimate counter… minion horde! Just play a quick furnace to pull the lava hound and balloon, then drop the MH surrounding the balloon!

Clash Royale Zap Bait Deck Skeleton Army Minion Horde

Royal Giant-Minions: A newer comeback of the royal giant; royal giant-minion is a great pushing strategy to dominate, especially in lower Legendary Arena and Jungle Arena. Place your furnace so that the royal giant targets it, but is within range of your arena tower. When you place it, the first fire spirits will take out the minions, leaving you free to place skeleton army to clean up the royal giant!

Clash Royale Zap Bait Deck Furnace Skeleton Army

Thanks a ton for reading about this third meta deck in our weekly series! Come back soon for more Clash Royale content and have fun pushing with this deck.

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