Tips for Unlocking Newly Released Cards FAST

The executioner is coming out soon, as the second of the new cards that drop with the December 2016 update in Clash Royale! Everyone wants to unlock these new cards as fast as possible, so today I have a few strategies and tips for getting the new cards as soon as possible within Clash Royale.

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Clash Royale Tips Strategies Unlocking New Cards

Buying the Special Offer

Buying the special offer that appears in your store the day after the release of the new card is the most surefire method of unlocking the card. The offer is always in the first slot of the store, making you only have 2 other purchase options until the offer fades.

Clash Royale New Cards Store

You can buy a certain amount of the card, depending on the rarity for a select amount of gems. Here are the purchase rates:

  • Common Cards: 400 cards for 100 gems
  • Rare Cards: 100 cards for 150 gems
  • Epic Cards: 10 cards for 400 gems
  • Legendary Cards: No purchase option for legendaries YET

If you aren’t sure about buying it, make sure to buy it soon as the offer fades after the day of release is over. It is definitely a good option, though while costly, makes sure that you get a good amount of cards to level it up to 1 level below tournament standard.

Unlocking BIG Chests

Big chests refer to the magical, giant, and super magical chests that only sometimes appear during a battle. Of course, it is very hard to win one in a battle, but if you do, try to save opening it until the release of a new card. Clash Royale rules make it so it is more likely to get a card you don’t have a lot of out of chests. That means there is a very high chance you will get the new card!

Clash Royale Unlocking New Card Giant Chest

If you want an epic card, obviously unlocking a giant chest isn’t going to hold a very good chance of you getting that new card. However, if you want a new common or rare, giant chests are nearly as good as SMCs at getting that unlock!

Saving your Clan Chest

For the last 2 cards, I’ve been saving my clan chest in order to get the newest card; dart goblin in the last one and hopefully executioner in this current one. The old clan chest was almost the size of a super magical chest; the new one still more the size of 2 magical chests. Having a 10/10 clan chest gives you the best chance of unlocking the new card obviously.

Clash Royale New Card Clan Chest

If you save your clan chest after the event ends, its just another chance for getting the new card! Just try to resist opening it for 2 days.

Hardcore Battling

Last but not least, going hard in the arena and challenges is always an option to try your best to find a chest with a new card inside. What does this entail? Here is what needs to happen for “hardcore battling”

  • Constantly having your crown chest waiting
  • Full chests from multiplayer
  • Trying your best to win challenges

Clash Royale New Card Update

Thats about it for ways to get the newest cards within Clash Royale. I hope that all of you are able to get the executioner tomorrow! Good luck and come back tomorrow for some executioner strategy and decks.

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