How to Get Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

Legendary cards are definitely the most sought after cards in Clash Royale, so today I’m going to tell you how to get legendaries in Clash Royale. You can get legendaries out of chests or buy them in shop, but it is almost all luck!

Clash Royale How to Get Legendary Cards

Legendaries out of BIG Chests

Now the oldest way to get the oldest legendaries of the princess and ice wizard were to open up the BIG chests in the game. In other words, open super magical and magical chests! Super magical chests have about a 50% chance of containing a legendary, while magical chests have around an 8% chance of having a legendary card within. You can see the exact stats and science of this math HERE.

Clash Royale How to Get Legendary Cards Super Magical Chest

Now despite the fact that these chests contain huge amounts of cards and offer a decent shot at obtaining a legendary, it doesn’t mean that you should buy these in store. An Arena 10 SMC costs around $37 while a MC costs $8. Win them in battle instead and hope for the best when you open them up!

Clash Royale How to Get Legendary Cards

Buying Legendaries in the Shop

The second best way to get a new legendary is to buy one in the store. Of course, you can’t do this is any arena, you MUST be in Legendary Arena to have legendaries appear in your store. While they do appear fairly often (every other day), they cost a crazy 40,000 each, which goes up to 80,000 and 120,000 gold for the second and third ones you buy.

Clash Royale How to Get Legendary Cards Shop

If you do have an excess of gold and plan to buy a legendary, make sure to plan which one you are actually going to buy. If you really want the graveyard, you don’t want to buy the first legendary that appears in your store and get stuck with an inferno dragon. Just wait it out and the legendary you want will eventually appear.

Buying Legendary Chests

Lastly, the absolute, unarguable, best way to get legendary cards is to buy a legendary chest. The legendary chest will appear in your store every month or so and only costs 500 gems. So opposed to $37 for a 50% chance at a legendary, for $5 you have a 100%, guaranteed legendary. Also, you can get legendary chests in battle, but they appear very rarely.

Clash Royale How to Get Legendary Cards Legendary Chest

The one con with the legendary chests is, unlike the store, you don’t get to choose the legendary card you get. Personally, I have 2 legendaries halfway to 3, but still lack 4 of the legendary cards. But still, legendary chests giving you a promised legendary which is pretty awesome, regardless of which card you get. If you have the gems, you should always buy this chest.

Legendary Cards=Pure Luck

Besides having the legendary chests and shop, legendaries in the real gameplay of Clash Royale come down to luck. One of my clanmates has gotten 7 legendaries out of a free chest, which you should have a .1% chance of getting 1. You never know when you might unlock a new legendary card in Clash Royale out of a silver or free chest!

Clash Royale How to Get Legendary Cards Free Chest

So that wraps up our Clash Royale guide of how to get legendaries! I hope that this advised you a little bit and can help you guys get even more legendary cards. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale guides and tips.

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18 thoughts on “How to Get Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

  1. Finally, got to arena 4. Wait what I can get legendary?!!? Oh false alarm. Its only an Inferno drag and Lava hound. Nothing good…. But I’ll take the hound.


  2. I remember there was a day that I got a legendary chest, but before opening it the next day I opened a crown chest and got an inferno dragon! Then I opened my legendary chest and got princess! I got 2 legendary cards a day without using any money!


  3. This is how I got legendary:
    1st legendary: miner, crown chest
    2nd legendary: sparky, free chest
    3rd legendary: Log, crown chest
    4th legendary: inferno dragon, crown chest
    5th legendary: princess, legendary chest
    6th legendary: Log 2, silver chest
    7th legendary: graveyard, shop
    8th legendary: graveyard 2, free chest
    9th legendary: ice wizard, clan chest
    10th legendary: electro wizard, silver chest
    11th legendary: lava hound, shop
    12th legendary: miner 2, gold chest
    13th legendary: miner 3, legendary chest
    14th legendary: lumberjack, shop
    15th legendary: princess 2, crown chest
    16th legendary: graveyard 3, clan chest


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  5. If I remember correctly, I got my inferno dragon in a silver chest, of all things. My hound came from a crown chest though.


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