Clash Royale Updated Legendary Odds from ALL Chests

Legendary cards are the best cards in Clash Royale, so here are the real odds to get a legendary out of every chest in Clash Royale! Today, I’ll be explain what the chances are that you get a legendary out of a free, crown, silver, gold, giant, magical, super magical chest, legendary, epic, clan, challenge, tournament, lightning, fortune, and legendary king’s chest! Watch this video on legendary chances first, it explains legendary odds very well!

So Orange Juice does a great job of explaining everything. I’ll try to sum it all up for you…

Clash Royale Legendary Card Odds out of Each Chest

So first off let me give you the odds of pulling a legendary card of out every chest in the game, listed from the best odds to the worst odds! Keep in mind that all of these legendary odds come from chests from Arena 12. If you want to see the draft chest legendary odds, click here.

  1. Legendary Chest- 100%
  2. Legendary King’s Chest- 100%
  3. Super Magical Chest- 88%
  4. 12 Win Grand Challenge Chest- 36.67%
  5. Magical Chest- 14.67%
  6. Fortune Chest- 9.5%
  7. 10/10 Clan Chest- 9%
  8. 12 Win Classic Challenge Chest- 3.33%
  9. Giant Chest- 2.05%
  10. Crown Chest- 1.47%
  11. Lightning Chest- 1%
  12. Gold Chest- .51%
  13. Free Chest- .23%
  14. Silver Chest- .09%
  15. Epic Chest- 0%

So you might be wondering, how do you calculate these odds? Well, the odds are based upon how many commons and legendaries are currently in the game of Clash Royale. Every time a new legendary is added the odds increase, but every time a new common is added, the odds to draw a legendary card will decrease.

Clash Royale Night Witch New Legendary

There is this number called the “Legendary Factor” which impacts how good the odds are of getting a legendary card compared to how many cards you get out. Super magical chests and magical chests have the same legendary factor, but since you get more cards in the super magical chest, the odds are higher for the SMC.

Super Magical Chest Clash Royale

So the exact formula for figuring out the odds of receiving a legendary from a chest is as follow:

(# of Cards in Chest x # of Legendaries Available) / # of Commons in Game / Legendary Factor

So for an Arena 12 Super Magical chest, the formula would be as follows:

(792 x 14) / 21 / 600

If you do the math, the odds of getting a legendary out of a super magical chest in Arena 12 would end up being 88%. Those are pretty good odds, but that is because the Legendary Arena SMC is the biggest chest in the game. Let’s check the odds for an Arena 4 silver chest, essentially the worst chest you can get a legendary out of:

(6 x 2) / 12 / 10000

So the odds of giving the lava hound or inferno dragon out of an Arena 4 silver chest is an insane .0001%. In other words, for every 10,000 silver chests you open in PEKKA’s Playhouse, only one of those will contain a legendary card.

Clash Royale Super Magical Legendary Princess

Odds with NEW Legendary Cards

But what happens if we add a new legendary or a new common to Clash Royale? If you were to add a new legendary, as will be happening for certain some time in a future update, the odds of getting a legendary out of an Arena 12 SMC jumps to 94.29%. If we add in another legendary card, making the total rise to 16, those odds go up to 100.5%, meaning you would be guaranteed a legendary, with a .5% chance to draw a second one.

However, if you were to add in a common card to the game, the odds would drop by 4%, to 84% overall since there are more cards to choose from. Every new common card decreases your chances of unlocking a legendary.

Clash Royale Legendary Odds All Chests

I hope that I help you guys realize how legendary odds are calculated, as well as give you the odds of pulling a legendary card from Clash Royale. If another legendary or common card is added to the game, use my calculator to easily figured out your updated chances for unlocking a legendary card. Thanks for reading and comment below how many legendary cards you have unlocked!

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