Clash Royale Clan Wars, March Update, Balance Changes

Clash Royale had a ton of new information about updates come out today, including information about clan wars, the March update, new balance changes, heroes, and much more! This is our update coverage of Clash Royale news from today…

Clash Royale March Update Clan Wars

Clash Royale Clan Wars

The way that Clash Royale communicated most of this information is through a Q&A on Reddit, which usually occurs every couple months or so. The first question in the Q&A was about clan wars, which has been a hot topic since the Clash Royale team announced that they were working on it in the last developer Q&A. Here’s their response!

Clan Wars Clash Royale Update

Unfortunately, the first part of their answer is unsatisfactory, since tournaments will again not be receiving a rework in the upcoming March update. Also, I don’t really understand why they keep trying to release new game modes while they still have failing ones released. My preference is that they fix the failed ones before adding new ones.

The more exciting part of this answer from the team is that they confirmed that they are actively developing clan wars for Clash Royale. They also leave a brief hint that we might be seeing clan wars in the March 2017 update. However, I think that this is pretty unlikely, but instead think that we will be seeing clan wars sometime over the summer.

March Update and Balance Changes

Completely unrelated to the developer Q&A, Clash Royale also announced that the next update will be in March and the balance changes (which the royal ghost will be nerfed in) will be coming sometime in the next week through a tweet.

Clash Royale March 2017 Update

This is predicable news, since this more than coincides with the Clash Royale calendar. I am super excited for the balance changes, since the meta has gone extremely stale ever since the mega knight was released. Expect to see a nerf to the mega knight in these balance changes. As for the March update, we don’t really know too much about that one yet. As the date comes closer, there should be some leaks, as well as sneak peeks to let us know what’s going on.

Other Update Features

Meanwhile, let’s pivot back to the Clash Royale developer Q&A! A lot of what they talked about was nonsense, such as questions about the Brawl Stars easter egg and Clash Royale history, but they did mention some other update features that they are currently working on developing!

Clash Royale Hero Rarity Update

This question is talking about how the community has come about update ideas for Clash Royale. Heroes, a leaked update, is mentioned here, as well as new emotes! Clash Royale does say that only some of the things mentioned they are working on, but that still means that they are working on some of those updates!

That is going to wrap it up for all the crazy update news from today. I am super excited for balance changes next week and cannot wait to see what the Clash Royale developer team adds in the March update. Thanks for reading and comment below what you are most excited to see come to Clash Royale!

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