New Hero Rarity+New Clan Update | Clash Royale Developer Q&A

The newest developer Q&A has been released for Clash Royale, giving up insightful answers for future updates in Clash Royale. The developer Q&A has 5 questions sent to the developers of Clash Royale, which were selected and voted on by the community. Clash Royale then answers them, giving up valuable information about where they see the game heading in the future. Here is the Q&A along with some analysis about the key points!

Clash Royale Developer Q&A New Hero Update New Clan Update

Clash Royale Developer Q&A

Will we see a new card rarity (above legendary) in future updates?

We don’t have any plans to add a new rarity at the moment. Anything is possible in the future of course, but it feels quite unlikely right now. However, “hero units” is something we’ve talked about a few times, and even playtested a bit, but we were thinking about them unlocking in a different way to the normal card unlocks. If so, that would mean they’d probably not be a new card rarity in the normal sense. This is all hypothetical of course – we aren’t adding heroes any time soon, if ever!

What is your goal for Legend Trophies?

Glad you asked this. We’re actually planning to stop giving out Legend Trophies after the next update arrives… 😬 The reason is that we’re currently working on the endgame (goals after 4k Trophies) and Legend Trophies don’t feel like a good fit for our new plans. We don’t want to shoehorn them in because they already exist in the game. We’re planning to leave them visible on your player profiles for the time being, but not indefinitely. When we do remove them entirely (not sure when), we’ll probably give something back for your time and hard work earning them!

Do have any plans to move clan chest from Monday-Wednesday to the weekend?

Yes! We’re going to move the Clan Chest to run from Fri-Mon after the next update. The primary reason we had it running from Mon-Wed was that we thought the weekends would be more about new card releases and special event challenges, and we wanted some form of eventfulness happening midweek, too. In hindsight this is clearly not the best time to play for a lot of people, so we’ll make it better!

Are you planning to rework the tournaments?

Yes! We have two main objectives for the rework. Firstly to make challenges (when we think of “tournaments” we think of everything under the tournaments tab) interesting and enjoyable for a wider range of player skill levels. Currently they’re primarily played by really good players and aren’t very easy to get into for less-skilled players. This is a problem because challenges are also the vehicle we’re using to deliver our fun game modes! BTW, we’d like to keep them as competitive as they currently are for the players who are after that kind of challenge, but also offer less competitive/difficult options for other players to enjoy as well.

Secondly we’d like to make custom tournaments much, much better. Part of this could be to properly support eSportsy stuff from within the game. We understand that if Clash Royale’s eSports scene is to flourish and develop, we need to take it more seriously from within the game. We don’t have concrete plans for either of these improvements just yet, and we definitely don’t have development time to squeeze them into the next update, but they’re most certainly on our radar!

How do you plan to develop clans further?

We don’t have any immediate plans for Clan development, but we know it’s really important to make Clans more sticky. Clan Wars did this really well for Clash of Clans, so we keep asking ourselves what could Clash Royale’s “Clan Wars feature” be? For the time being we’re mostly thinking about smaller quality of life updates, such as being able to share more interesting stuff with your Clan (decks, etc.) – this isn’t coming with the next update, but it’s on our minds. However, we do have one super cool feature coming in the next update specifically for Clans. Something along the lines of the Clan Chest (quite similar in fact…), but with a really awesome twist! 🤔

Developer Q&A Analysis

Alright so that gave us a ton of insight into some of the biggest questions in Clash Royale as of February 2017. Lets run through all of this and sort out the important pieces of info!

  • “‘hero units’ is something we’ve talked about a few times”– Clash Royale has considered putting another card type other than common, rare, epic, and legendary into the game. Not next update, but maybe an update far in the future?
  • “We’re actually planning to stop giving out Legend Trophies after the next update arrives”– Legend trophies will be gone after the next update, which is good as they were used for NOTHING. Interesting to see what comes in its place.
  • “We’re going to move the Clan Chest to run from Fri-Mon after the next update”– Thank God. Clash Royale finally took the hint and move the clan chest to the weekend when more people can play.
  • “offer less competitive/difficult options for other players to enjoy”– Insight towards a challenge mode for less skilled players? Possibly novice and expert challenges ahead.
  • “we do have one super cool feature coming in the next update specifically for Clans”- Awesome info about the March 2017 update! We should be seeing something similar to the clan chest.

Well that’s it for these developer Q&A questions and answers! Thanks for reading and I hope that you guys gained as much as I did from this response from the Clash Royale team. The March update is looking to be awesome; keep coming back to follow new updates!

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8 thoughts on “New Hero Rarity+New Clan Update | Clash Royale Developer Q&A

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  4. I do wonder, how do they hope to separate novice and expert challenge difficulties? Trophy record, trophy level, playing time, win rate, etc. can all be faked to get into the novice challenge difficulty for more cards.


      • Then, the novices can simply go into the higher level challenges, get 3 losses quicker, spend less time doing it, yet get the same amount of prize as they would have with 12 wins in a novice tournament.
        If the rewards were closer to the expert tournament, then what is there to prevent higher level players from coming down to troll?
        Even xp level does not represent skill level. At level 5 I am able to beat many level 7s and 8s with my best deck, and many can do the same at level 1. However, I still think they need a new tournament specifically for players at levels 4 – 7. It takes time to get to level 8, and tournaments should be open before that.


      • Yeah that might be better! These are just my ideas about how they could change tourneys, when they were implemented hopefully Clash Royale has thought everything through.

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