Clash Royale March 2017 Balance Changes Update LEAKED!

Clash Royale will have a new update soon in early March 2017 and the balance changes for that update have been leaked on reddit! Personally, these leaks looks exactly like what Clash Royale would update, so let’s run over what has all been leaked.

Clash Royale March 2017 Balance Changes Update LEAKED

Clash Royale March 2017 Balance Changes

So these balance changes were leaked by a Japanese YouTuber who published the video too early. The video was removed, but not before we got all the information! Here are all the changes we should be seeing.

  • Executioner: bug fixes, damage +6%: Despite a nerf to the executioner last balance changes, he will be getting buff right again. I sort of agree with this as the executioner has been very weak since the latest change.
  • Bomb Tower: elixir cost reduced to 4, hitpoints -20%, range -0,5: VERY. MUCH. NEEDED. The bomb tower just wasn’t working at 5 elixir, so reducing its cost, as well as its HP and range should make it an in between from the cannon and inferno tower. Only time will tell.
  • Battle Ram: hitpoints +10%: Since the battle ram has been released, I have seen it maybe twice on the ladder. Both times, it was an extremely easy win. The battle ram desperately needs a buff and will be getting one.
  • Lumberjack: damage +5%: Probably about the 5th buff in a row for the lumberjack and it keeps getting better. Let’s see if this buff is finally the one that gives it a spot in the meta.
  • Giant Skeleton: Bomb deploy to 2sec: I appreciate the effort to bring giant skeleton back into the game! A two second bomb deploy will make it more viable on defense as a nuke all card plus help with big offensive pushes.
  • Ice Wizard: hitpoints +5%: When it was released with the princess, the ice wiz was one of the best cards in the game. It has fallen off the pace a bit so it is exciting to see it back in the mix of things.

That’s going to be all for the March 2017 leaked balance changes! We should start seeing sneak peeks for the March update starting tomorrow so come back soon to see what will be new in Clash Royale along with these balance changes. Thanks for reading!

25 thoughts on “Clash Royale March 2017 Balance Changes Update LEAKED!

  1. also, hitpoints for ice wizard, it will still be the same for 1 shot-ing skeletons. lvl9 skele will still be 2 shot witch(ah, puns)= SUCK!!!


  2. I with elek-wiz was getting a nerf for hp, because he hit like, 5 times at half heath if ignored. even if you dont ignor, hit stun makes him invincable. ITS BS AUUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I’m SOOOO happy that half of these changes happened, cuz my deck is based around giant skeleton. It’s like giant skeleton balloon. Works great, cuz the bomb can kill every air troop except for lava hound or an overleveled baby dragon. But what’s the hound gonna do to the balloon and the baby dragon, it’s not a big damage dealer. And also, if the giant skeleton gets near the tower, BOY they in for a huge bit of damage


  4. Honestly I will think that after the buff giant Larry will be an ultimate defensive and a good offensive tank compare to other tanks, a bit too OP. he need a death damage nerf or a hit point nerf later, just a slight nerf though like the royal giant, avoid it being too weak.


      • Ha ha, with a hit point nerf he will became even better on defence but worse on offence as he will die earlier and the radius might miss easier on offence. But he’s better on defence because he die faster blast faster killing troop faster. I’ve been using him since arena 2 but stopped using him on arena 5 or 6. I will use him back soon. Just asking though since lava loon works can I use lava giant skeleton instead?


      • This change allows the giant skeleton,an underestimated card become the most popular card in the game


  5. Yay! Giant Larry is back! Lumberjack and ice wizard, probably the best legendary before and still good now got even better. Will bomb tower work a lot more better for 4 elixir? I guess yes as bomb towers range is too long so it misses prince, dark prince and goblins, now it might hit them back. And what bug fixes does the executioner need?


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