Clash Royale March Update Overview: New Leagues and Cards

Clash Royale’s March 2017 update is here, bringing with it new leagues, new cards, a new 2v2 mode, and a new arena! This update is amazing, much better than the leaks would have ever suggested. Let’s go over all of the new features in the March update, including the bandit, night witch, heal spell, and bats as the new cards!

Clash Royale March 2017 Update Features

Clash Royale March Update Features


  • Enter the first League at 4000 Trophies
  • Climb through 9 Leagues all the way to the Ultimate Champion League!
  • Collect a monthly season reward based on the highest League you reached
  • Learn more about Leagues here

New Chest

  • Draft Chest offers multiple card choices – choose your own reward!
  • Draft Chest is only available as an end of season reward in Leagues

Clan Battles

  • Introducing a very exciting new game mode: Clan Battle!
  • Battle side-by-side with a Clanmate against two challengers from another Clan!
  • The first Clan Battle event is coming on Mar 24
  • Find out more about Clan Battles in the latest episode of Radio Royale
  • Check out some gameplay here

New Cards

  • New Legendary Card: Bandit is available on Mar 24
  • A special Bandit Draft Challenge is coming on Mar 17
  • Watch the Bandit dash!
  • Night Witch, Bats and Heal are coming later – keep an eye out!

New Arena

  • Arena 11: NEW Legendary Arena unlocks at 3800 Trophies
  • Arena 10: Hog Mountain (renamed from Legendary Arena)
  • Legendary Cards will still appear in your Shop at 3000 Trophies


  • Clan Chest has moved to Fri-Mon (thanks for the feedback on this!)
  • Challenge Crowns will contribute towards Clan Chests and Crown Chests
  • Cards now have a “Tournament Level” button to see their stats at Tournament Rules
  • Spectate your Clanmates’ battles live from the Clan page
  • Friends List sorting by Status or Score
  • New Trainers for 3600-4000 Trophies

That’s all of the features for the Clash Royale March 2017 update! Personally, this is my favorite update from Clash Royale, especially with 2v2 mode coming soon into the game. Thanks a ton for reading and comment down below your favorite part of this Clash Royale update!

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