2v2 Battle Mode CONFIRMED in Clash Royale March Update

Clash Royale has announced that 2v2 battle mode will be coming in Clash Royale as clan battles. This fact has been leaked many, many, many times before, but now we have official details from the Clash Royale team along with exactly how it works!

Clash Royale 2v2 Mode Clan Battles March 2017 Update

2v2 Mode/Clan Battles Details

Now there is a lot of facts for this 2v2 mode, so I have a whole bunch of facts that will fall under a category. If you have any more questions after reading, drop a comment below!

How Does it Work?

  • Exactly like a 1v1 with 2 players
  • Each player has their own 10 elixir bar
  • Game will flash partner’s deck at the beginning, but afterwards you can’t see it
  • You can see where your partner drags cards though

Sharing of Resources

  • Rage and freeze spells are shared
  • Pump only works for the player who plays it

Mechanics Behind 2v2

  • King Towers are connected with a shield emblem showing your clan
  • The arena has been extended by 2 tiles
  • The King Tower has double the firepower and more health

Elixir Intake

  • Elixir will replenish 85% as fast it would in normal battle
  • Overtime elixir will replenish 70% as fast

Clan Chest Changes


  • Team clan chest will occur every other weekend, alternating with regular clan chest
  • Clan chest cycle moved to Friday-Monday instead of Monday-Thursday

So that is all that we know right now about the Clash Royale clan battles! This update should be coming very soon, definitely within March! Thanks a ton for reading and comment down below what you think of the 2v2 mode.

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7 thoughts on “2v2 Battle Mode CONFIRMED in Clash Royale March Update

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  3. I don’t think this is a good idea. Some hardcore players will gain an advantage because they would be in call with their teammate. There is really no way to fix that without making 2v2 pointless. Another thing I can do is, since I have many accounts, use two accounts at the same time to battle.
    Also, how will the player xp levels be balanced out? Will there be half-levels? Will the card levels be averaged? Or would the players each be using their own leveled cards?


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