Clash of Clans April/May 2017 Update News

The Clash of Clans April/May 2017 update is finally beginning to get its wheels rolling, with multiple references to it occurring today. We can probably guess that sneak peeks for this update will start within a week, putting this Clash of Clans update in early May! Here’s the two tweets that Clash of Clans shared today:

Because its been so long since the last real Clash of Clans update (see December 2016 update), the Clash of Clans team definitely felt the need to share that it is coming along soon. Clash of Clans isn’t the only one who shared that their update is going to be insane though. Both Galadon and Powerbang are over in Helsinki checking out the new update and this is what they had to say:

If these two YouTubers weren’t enough to verify how great this update is, one of the Supercell forum moderators released this on the forums today:

Clash of Clans April May 2017 Update News

If this update ends up being bigger than clan wars, it must be quite epic! It might be a bit of exaggeration, but we are definitely in for a good update in April or May. We already know for a fact that the shipwreck is coming, but we don’t really know anything else about this update except that it is massive. I personally cannot wait for this update… let me know what you guys think in the comment section below!

12 thoughts on “Clash of Clans April/May 2017 Update News

  1. I dunno…what will be the next update..but i wish…those update should be there
    1.the ice wiz should be now part of our army traps should defend our bases
    3.mismatch in wars must me diminished
    4.heroes should upgrade at cheaper cost
    5.witch another level required town hall will make our chest, a blouse


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  3. I can’t wait to see what it’s like. I have absolutely no idea what it is though. I do hope that they didn’t just take some idea from clash royale and put it over here, but even then, some sort of challenge system similar to the clash royale challenges could be cool, if they figure out how to put it in COC.


      • I was thinking maybe there would be two challenges, a defense challenge and a attack challenge, and each person would be matched up against their own town hall.
        The people in the attack challenge has to attack the bases in the defense challenge, and they have 12 attacks on randomly selected people. Maybe they can even use the next button once or twice, to hopefully find a base they want. They would then attack the base.
        In the defense challenge, you have to build a base and use it to defend 12 times against people doing the attack challenge.
        Basically, the amount of loot you get from the attack challenge depends on how many stars you got, and the amount of loot you get from the defense challenge depends on how many stars your attackers missed.


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