Clash Royale Best Zap/Log Bait Decks

Zap or log bait decks have been reigning supreme in Clash Royale lately! Since zap and log are two of the most popular cards in Clash Royale, there are numerous decks that are made to bait out these cards, which leaves your opponent open to attack by the other cards that are normally taken out by zap/log in your deck. Here are some of the best log/zap bait decks in the Clash Royale meta right now!

Clash Royale Best Zap Log Bait Decks

Best Zap/Log Bait Decks

Hog-Goblin Barrel Deck

Best Hog Goblin Barrel Deck Clash Royale

This deck is probably the main zap/log bait deck you see right now. There are 4 log worthy cards in this deck in the skeleton army, goblin barrel, princess, and goblin gang. Whenever your opponent plays their log, you should punish them with one of the other 4 cards. The hog is your main offensive unit; great for quick pushes coupled with one of your bait cards. You have the zap since it is a handy spell to have, along with rocket which is great for getting chip damage on the tower. Since your defense can be taken down easily with a single spell, you bring inferno to insure you can take down heavy tanks.

Knight-Goblin Barrel Deck

Best Knight Goblin Barrel Deck Clash Royale

This deck is very similar to the hog deck but with a few changes. There is no skeleton army (ice spirit takes its place), the knight is subbing out the hog rider, and you replace zap with log. This is a much more defensive deck, but this can help you win  by chip damage easier. It’s the same principles as the last deck, except you need to bait the log or zap so that you can USE your goblin barrel. The goblin barrel needs to be primary damage dealer in this deck.

Pure Log/Zap Bait Deck

Best Log Zap Bait Deck Clash Royale

For our last log-zap bait deck, we have a PURE log bait deck. In this deck, every troop can conceivably be zapped or logged down. The key is punishment after those are used. I would recommend baiting with princess or dart goblin and then sending a big push lead by the minion horde. This can do immeasurable damage to a tower if it isn’t countered properly. Just don’t get overconfident and start making spam pushes if your opponent has the wizard or executioner!

Well, that is going to do it for our best log/zap bait decks in Clash Royale. I hope that you guys can use these decks for some major success within your battles! Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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12 thoughts on “Clash Royale Best Zap/Log Bait Decks

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  3. I want to challenge you to a battle against my main deck, you can use the last one.
    I have bomber, baby dragon, valk, zap and fireball… Even skeleton army for emergency counters.


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