Clash Royale Building a Better Deck Tips

Building the best deck is the most important thing to do in Clash Royale. I’m going to tell you some tips and strategy to build a better deck in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale Build Better Decks

1- Cheaper is almost always better

If you are in a toss up between two cards like the wizard or musketeer for being in your deck, go with the musketeer. Having a cheaper deck will almost always help you out in the long run, since you can build up a cheaper push or defend for less elixir. Now there are always instances like huge golem beatdown decks, but for the most part you want to slim your deck on elixir. A good rule I always try to follow is to have my average elixir cost in the 3s. This could mean 3.0 or 3.9, but the 2s are usually too cheap while 4s are too heavy unless its a golem deck.

Clash Royale Cheap Cycle Deck

2- Have a wide range of types of cards

Now obviously, to defend against any push, you need to have a wide range of cards within your deck. If you are running a zap bait deck, don’t have ALL zap bait cards in your deck or you won’t be able to defend if your opponent has a lot of splash. Instead, run some solid cards like mega minion or mini-P.E.K.K.A. to help support. Don’t run all support cards or all tank cards EVER.

Clash Royale BEST Deck

3- Support/versatile cards are the best

The best cards in Clash Royale are the most versatile. Think about it. Right now, the most popular cards in the game are log, electro-wizard, fireball, and skeleton army. All of these cards can be used for almost any circumstance: log/fireball are versatile cards that can be used to support a push or defend, electro wizard is great on both offense and defense, and the skarmy can be used defensively on basically any card except the valkyrie. You want to have as many of these versatile cards in your deck as possible; don’t use niche cards like battle ram or rage that can only be used in a few instances.

Clash Royale Support Deck

4- ALWAYS have a tank

Even if you play the most cycleable, cheap deck in Clash Royale, you will have a tank card in. You need this tanky card to steal all damage away from the cards that will really be doing damage. Every deck without a tank is doomed to fail because there is no HP in the deck and will be easily killed.

Clash Royale Tank Deck

So those are 4 quick and easy tips to make your deck that much better. I hope that you guys can use these tips to improve your deck to win more trophies! Thanks for reading and comment down below your best deck tips!

26 thoughts on “Clash Royale Building a Better Deck Tips

  1. “don’t use niche cards like battle ram or rage that can only be used in a few instances.” actually they were much useful than people expected, just underused, the true niche cards are clone and sparky


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      • You should probably request more golems in Sunday, plus I remember that you said that golem was your favorite epic, so why is it level 3 only? I get that epic were not easy to get but I don’t think it was lower than level 4 when a common is level 12


      • Golem is my favorite but I don’t use it often. I request skeleton army because it is more versatile! If you request commons to 12, you can do it within 2 months vs requesting epics to 4 takes just a bit less. Easier to get commons from chests though… All my commons can be upgraded to 11, while all my epics can be upgraded to 3.


      • And your elite barbarians were level 6 only. Why’s your royal giant level 12? They both were common and both unlocked the same arena, maybe you like RG more?


      • Me too, elite barbarians is the least favorite card, even if I tried to stop them by using skeleton army, they just zap them all, forcing me to waste my witch to stop them by ‘skeleton re-enforcement ‘


      • Supercell should temporarily ban elite barbarians until they find a way to make them less powerful but not underpowered


      • Well I don’t know about ban, but elite barbarians are a major problem from 2500-4000. Not used very much above 4k. Maybe have them unlock in Legendary Arena?


      • I think supercell should buff some cards that counter the elite barbarians such as the dark prince so dark prince can be seen more and balance the elite barbarians


      • Me too! I’m on for dark prince, my favourite card at the past, I’ll probably use him back soon


      • By the way, just a suggestion, maybe you can make a post about how to use the dark prince so he’ll be more enticing to use.


    • Yeah, if supercell doesn’t buff the skeleton army, your golem should be max level now… both golem and skeleton army were very versatile to use, although 1 is too expensive and another is too fragile to spells, but it worth the risk, I love both, although I only use skeleton army


    • By the way, just a suggestion, maybe you can make a post about how to use the dark prince so he’ll be more enticing to use


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