Top 10 Best Synergies in Clash Royale

Synergy (how well two or more cards work together) is one of the most important parts to succeed in Clash Royale. If you can pair up two cards that work well together, it means so much for the success in your game. Here are the top ten synergies in Clash Royale which you can use to dominate with!

Clash Royale Best Synergies

Top 10 Synergies in Clash Royale

Ice Golem-Hog

Ice golem hog has been one of the strongest synergies of late, combining two great offensive cards. The reason this combo flows so well together is that they are two opposites! The hog pushes the ice golem, making it move fast. When the ice golem dies, it sends out a slowing effect, allowing the hog to do more damage. Great push for 6 elixir.

Valkyrie-Elite Barbarians

Elite barbarians are one of the toughest cards to defeat in Clash Royale and adding the valkyrie to the mix only makes it that much harder. Since skeleton army, barbarians, and elite barbarians are popular counters, the valkyrie is able to both tank for the EBs and do some serious damage to counter troops.


This is basically the ORIGINAL combo in Clash Royale. Giant is definitely one of the best tanks in the game and is often countered by swarm type cards. When you add the wizard to the mix, it makes it nearly impossible to play swarm units to defeat the giant. The wizard can also add some good damage to the tower.

Dark Prince-Prince

Another great classic combo from the early days of Clash Royale! The double prince combo is legendary and will remain at least somewhat effective forever. The reason why is because the two princes compliment each other so well: one being splash, the other direct damage, one having a shield, the other not.


Probably one of the most powerful strategies right now the bowler graveyard can annihilate a tower if not countered properly. The graveyard always scares players into putting a troop down quickly. Most of the time it is a cheap ground unit troop that the bowler can bowl right through. Great synergy for a pure offensive push!

Golem-Electro Wizard

I want to play this combo so badly because it is so powerful, but I can’t because I haven’t unlocked the e-wiz yet! But this is one of the ultimate pushes, with the golem offering tanking ability and the electro wizard offering support, it is tough to beat. The popular golem counter, the inferno tower, cannot beat this push due to the electro wiz.

Lava Hound-Balloon

LavaLoonion has been one of the best decks for a good 6 months now and there is a reason why. Lava hound and balloon work SO well together, with one providing a tank and some cleanup troops and the other doing the real damage and killing defense units when it dies. Backed by minions, this strategy is even better.


Literally the definition of synergy. You CANNOT get any better than tornado and executioner when talking about how two cards work together. The tornado will pull in all the troops to the center of it while the executioner can fire away, hitting all the units at once. This is such a great defensive and offensive combo.

Royal Giant-Furnace

Called cancer, but there is a reason why it is referred to as cancer. Royal giant and furnace work super well together because the royal giant makes people panic. When players panic, they throw down a bunch of troops, which the fire spirits from the furnace will obliterate. Plus, even without the royal giant, the furnace can add chip damage to the tower.

Elite Barbarians-Zap

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played skeleton army only to have it zapped away and the elite barbarians take my tower. Because skarmy is such a popular counter to the elite barbarians, zap is always useful to have at the ready. If your opponent plays nothing else, the zap will have taken down the tower.

That’s going to do it for our top 10 synergies in Clash Royale list! I hope that I provided some insight on what cards you can use in your deck to pair a good combo. Thanks for reading and comment down below what synergies you think I missed!

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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Synergies in Clash Royale

  1. Golem electro-wiz is a horrible combo. It doesn’t stay with the Golem, ts fast so it over takes the golem, so it loses it as a tank. It never makes it to the tower together. The best senergy for the golem is the night witch. It stays with the golem and helps defend it. If the both get to the tower it’s over.


    • I think that e-wiz and golem is a still viable combo, but yeah, night witch+golem is even better. This article was written before night witch came out and the meta has changed a little bit since then!


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  4. Giant balloon and valk hog are both very powerful as well. My 4th and 5th account, both at level 6, are now almost in frozen peak because of those two type of decks.


  5. No, no giant wizard, wizard can’t survive fireball (1 level higher), giant witch is much better, because not only the witch send skeletons to support, but also survives fireball (4 levels higher)


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