Builder’s Base Design: Funneling Strategy

A critical part of Builder Base base design in Clash of Clans is funneling strategy to get your opponent’s troops to go where your base layout wants them to go. This is a complete guide to funneling strategy in your Builder Base base design layout in Clash of Clans!
Builder Base Base Design Funneling Clash of Clans

Funneling Base Design Strategy

Funneling is a critical part of base design for your Clash of Clans Builder Base base design layout. Incorporating funneling into your base can prevent the three star from occurring. So, I’ve been saying funneling a lot, but whatever exactly is troop funneling?

Troop funneling is when you direct troops to a certain part of your base design, usually by leaving an opening in the walls. Because the troops AI (artificial intelligence) tries to avoid walls, the troops played will automatically head towards the gap in the walls, since that is the easiest way to get to the next structure.

To take advantage of this, trap funneling comes into play. Since all the troops will come through that one spot in the walls, you should load it up with traps in order to kill as many troops as possible at one place. Let’s look over some examples of great troop funneling.

Funneling Example #1

Builder Base Base Design Funneling Clash of Clans

First off, in this base design, notice the one tile gap left by the walls. This ensures that instead of heading through the walls, the troops will converge towards that one spot since it is the easiest access point. However, two side by side mines lay in wait, more than enough to kill raged barbarians and sneaky archers. If some boxer giants end up getting through, the spring trap further in the base will finish them off.

Funneling Example #2
Builder Base Base Design Funneling Clash of Clans

Instead of having a one tile space here, there is a long pathway, which is still the easiest access point to get to the buildings in the core of the base. That means all the troops will come down the passage. A spring trap lays in wait for the first troops, while a push trap will push the last few troops into the middle of the base, where multiple defenses are able to shoot them down.

Funneling Example #3

Builder Base Base Design Funneling Clash of ClansLastly, we have our longest funnel yet. Of course, this funnel is useless against sneaky archers, bombers, or any other ranged troop. However, against raged barbarians and boxer giants, this funnel works perfectly. The boxer giants will head straight down the funnel to reach the guard post hitting the spring and push traps, while the raged barbarians will head around the base, away from the BH.

That is going to wrap it up for our Builder Base base design funneling strategy guide. I hope that this taught you a lot about how a little shift in walls and a few traps can completely change the tide of the attack. Thanks for reading and comment below how funneling has helped you win defenses in your base design!

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4 thoughts on “Builder’s Base Design: Funneling Strategy

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  2. And now a guy with level 11 elite barbs, level 11 goblin gang, level 11 minion hoard, and level 8 wizard, not to mention the rest of his stuff arent much lower level.


  3. Personally, I think the push traps are really unique and are really good if used correctly. If only they were 1 tile and not 4, they would be so much better.
    Today, I have been on a winstreak against incredibly overleveled players. I’m a new level 9, and I have met multiple people whose zap kills my goblin barrel, a level 11 royal giant, and a level 8 wizard.


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