Clash Royale Balance Changes Update 6/12

The newest round of balance changes are here in Clash Royale and this balance changes update features the night witch and goblin gang getting nerfed! These balance changes for Clash Royale will be coming June 12th, 2017!

As always, nerfs will be listed in red, while buffs are in blue.

  • Night Witch: Spawns 3 Bats on death (from 4), Bat spawn speed to 6sec (from 5sec), initial Bats spawn slower
  • Tornado, Poison, Heal: Multiple of same spell will stack
  • Tornado: Duration to 2.5sec (from 3sec)
  • The Log: Range to 11.1 (from 11.6)
  • Goblin Gang: Spear Goblin count to 2 (from 3)
  • Skeletons: Skeleton count to 3 (from 4)
  • Bandit: Hitpoints +4%, Dash initiates quicker
  • Inferno Dragon: Hitpoints +7%, re-targets 0.2sec quicker
  • Witch: Hitpoints +5%, Area damage radius +10%, spawn speed to 7sec (from 7.5sec), initial Skeletons spawn slower
  • Clone: Faster cloning effect
  • Battle Ram: Damage that destroys the Ram won’t affect Barbarians
  • Bats: Bat count to 4 (from 5)

Clash Royale Balance Changes Update 6/12


The biggest nerf here is the night witch, which we all saw coming. She isn’t really being nerfed, but her bats are. Also, the actual bat card, which isn’t even out yet, lost one of its bats, down 5 to 4. There were two spells nerfed, the tornado and the log, probably the two best spells in Clash Royale. Tornado gets a time decrease, while the log’s range is nerfed AGAIN. The ever powerful goblin gang was nerfed too, with the third spear goblin being no more. Speaking of losing troops, the skeletons lost Larry again, bringing their total back to 3. Make up your mind Supercell!


Surprisingly, there were also a whole lot of buffs this update. First off, tornado, poison, and heal can now all stack, meaning if you mirror them, their strength will be doubled. The bandit, after being a scary card for a bit, is getting a buff through a HP and dash speed increase. Next up, the inferno dragon, but not sparky, is getting a HP buff, along with a retargeting change. The retargeting change is the big one here, since it takes the ID forever to lock on a new target. The witch also got multiple buffs, trying to put her up to par with the new night witch. And lastly, two of the worst cards in the game, the clone and battle ram got buffs, both that probably won’t help them gain much popularity.

That’s all of the balance changes that will be coming in the Clash Royale June update! Personally, I think Clash Royale hit the right cards here, but am pretty surprised not to see Sparky on here. Thanks for reading and comment down below your thoughts on this round of balance changes!

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37 thoughts on “Clash Royale Balance Changes Update 6/12

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    • Probably. They are similar for beating ground units with skarmy having the edge, but there are a few reasons why GG is better. 1. Goblin gang is able to take out air units. 2. Goblin gang can kill from a range. 3. Goblin gang can’t all die to one zap.


      • While skeleton army is stronger on defence due to their high number, goblin gang is better on offence too!


  3. I definitely agree with the night witch nerf. The goblin gang nerf is a bit… questionable? The skeletons nerf I definitely do not agree with.


    • I agree with both GG and skellies. Goblin gang was getting to be extremely powerful, while skeletons offered too much value for only 1 elixir.


      • I tried out the goblin gang, but it didn’t work out well for me. Without skeletons, prince, pekka, mini pekka, and a few other cards will become a bit overpowered.


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  6. I hate the night witch as much as the balloon (did I roll you that I hate the balloon more than RG, E barbs, furnace, X Bow and sparky?) so I’m glad she’s being tone down!


  7. Poor sparky, while watching your 2 best friends (Inferno dragon and bandit, both the 2nd worst legendary) getting a very decent buff, you still don’t get any.


    • It should get a range nerf last update, but it got reverted because of a bug that can’t be placed on top of building, so the range will be nerf this update and the bug will be fix, it’s actually a buff so the Log can kill the goblins in the barrel which is trying to destroy your collector

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  8. As much I am a player using the prince and I hate it when Larry and his friends distract him, I still hate it when supercell kicked ledoot for the 2nd time. WHY NOT REMOVE ONE FROM THE GRAVEYARD INSTEAD???


  9. Yes! Night witch is getting nerf! While her sister is getting a buff! I’m very glad because I hate the night witch while I’m using the regular witch


  10. “And lastly, two of the worst cards in the game, the clone and battle ram got buffs” nah battle ram isn’t bad , but clone is


  11. Actually the log’s range should be nerf in the last update, but there was a bug so it leave it till this update, not really a nerf, but that bug fix can actually call it a buff!


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