Super PEKKA and Night Witch Gameplay LEAKED!

The newest Clash of Clans troops, the Super PEKKA and the Night Witch have been LEAKED in Clash of Clans! The upgrades for the Super PEKKA, as well as gameplay for the Super PEKKA and Night Witch were leaked today by a Japanese source. Here’s the gameplay and the stats for these new Clash of Clans troops.

Super PEKKA Leaked

The first troop leaked was the Super PEKKA. The Super PEKKA appears to be OP, not only from its gameplay, but also from its special ability, the Overcharge, which acts sort of like a giant skeleton’s bomb in Clash Royale. Here’s the gameplay for the Super PEKKA, as well as a leaked look at its Overcharge ability!

So this Super PEKKA looks super OP, but you can probably only hold 1 Super PEKKA in each army camp, balancing it out. Here is the stats and upgrades for the Super PEKKA.

Super PEKKA Night Witch Leaked Clash of Clans

So you can see that on the first level of Overcharge, the Super PEKKA will deal 400 damage in the entire range of its death explosion. Of course it is crazy expensive to upgrade, showing that the Super PEKKA will probably be unlocked at BH7 or BH8. It looks super cool and I cannot wait until it finally does come out!

Night Witch Leaked

So along with the Super PEKKA, the Night Witch, the newest Clash Royale troop, had gameplay leaked for how powerful she is going to be…. and believe me, its pretty powerful! Here’s the gameplay for the new Night Witch!

Just like in Clash Royale, the night witch looks pretty good in Clash of Clans too. Just like the Super PEKKA though, I think she will be limited by army camp housing space. Maybe 2 night witches will be available in for each camp, bringing the max amount of NWs you can attack with to 8.

I’m super excited to show you guys these new troops that will be coming to the Builder Base in Clash of Clans! I really like both the Super PEKKA and the Night Witch and can’t wait until they come out in the game. Thanks for reading and comment down below what your first impressions are of these two new troops!

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8 thoughts on “Super PEKKA and Night Witch Gameplay LEAKED!

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    • 10 elixir won’t even be enough, it needs like more than 10, like after you use 10 elixir you get nothing , then 1 more elixir then it’ll be deployed


    • Or how about it cost 8 elixir, dealing a bit more damage than the original and stun the troop that she’s attacking?


      • I think that’d be weird to have two PEKKAs so close together in elixir. Mini-Pekka and PEKKA are completely different so to get the Super PEKKA to work it’d have to be 9 or 10 elixir.


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