Best Builder Hall 5 (BH5) Base Designs in Clash of Clans

Base design is critical to winning in the Builder Base in Clash of Clans, especially if you aren’t the best attacker. Here are some of the best Builder Hall 5 base designs in Clash of Clans and an explanation to why these BH5 base designs are so good.

Best BH5 Base Designs

Anti-2 Star Builder Hall 5 Base Design

Anti-2 Star Builder Hall 5 Base Design Clash of Clans

Our first BH5 layout is a very strong anti-2 star base design, designed around protecting the Builder Hall from destruction. The easiest way to reach the BH is through the bottom of the base, which is easily protected by the crusher. There is a space in the walls in front of the crusher, which funnels in troops to their destruction. Even if the troops manage to get through the crusher, there is a mega mine awaiting them! Also, this base is very well protected from baby dragons, due to the triangular firecrackers and air bombs.

BH5 Base Layout Anti-Baby Dragons

BH5 Base Layout Anti-Baby Dragons Clash of Clans

Up next for our BH5 base designs is a pure anti-air (beta minions and baby dragons) layout. This layout features all of the air shooting defenses in the center of the base, even the archer towers and tesla! While the baby dragons should be able to get the first star relatively easily, it is going to be very difficult to achieve the two star with this BH5 base. Even if your opponent decides to attack with ground units, the base still can shut down those troops due to the crusher protection of the south and the multi mortar coverage of the north.

Anti-Boxer Giant BH5 Design

Anti-Boxer Giant BH5 Design Clash of Clans

This Builder Hall 5 base layout is a pure anti-boxer giant design, with funneling made to kill as many of the giants as possible. It is nearly impossible to reach the multi mortar due to the wall structure and heavy traps around. If your opponent decides to attack from the other side, they will be led straight into the crusher, which is the boxer giant’s main killer. Due to the boxer giant’s awful AI, it is impossible to attack from the sides, since they will be rerouted to the cannons and be forced to head into the trapped area of the base!

Builder Hall 5 Anti-Two Star Base Layout

Builder Hall 5 Anti-Two Star Base Layout Clash of Clans

To wrap up our BH5 base design article, we have another great anti-two star base layout. This design, like most anti-two star layouts, makes it simple to achieve the one star, but very hard to add on another star. You definitely can’t attack from the bottom of this base due to the presence of the crusher and heading in from the top is also difficult due to the wide range of the multi mortar. Even air attacks are difficult with this Builder Hall 5 layout due to the centralized firecrackers.

That is all of the BH5 base layouts that I have for you guys today! If you are a Builder Hall 5, try out one of these designs for instant success in the Builder Base. Thanks for reading and make sure to comment down below what BH level you are in Clash of Clans!

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