Best Cannon Cart Decks for Arenas 10+11

Cannon cart is the newest card in Clash Royale unlocked at Hog Mountain (Arena 10). Therefore, you need the best cannon cart decks for Arena 10 and Arena 11 in Clash Royale in order to win as many battles as possible. Here are 4 awesome cannon cart decks for all your different play styles in Clash Royale!

Cannon Cart 2v2 Draft Challenge Clash Royale

Best Cannon Cart Decks in Clash Royale

Cannon Cart Golem Deck

Cannon Cart Golem Deck Clash Royale

The cannon cart is a logical card to play behind the golem, but due to its expensive cost, you need to have other cheap cards as well as the elixir collector to make it into a scary deck. This plays like a normal golem deck, with a set up for the last minute and double elixir time. Once double elixir hits, play your golem and put in the cannon cart along with the electro-wizard/baby dragon with it. If you can get the cannon cart locked onto the tower (even if it dies), it can do some seriously scary damage!

Cannon Cart Giant Deck

Cannon Cart Giant Deck Clash Royale

Again, like the golem, the cannon cart pairs well with a slow tank which curbs the speed on the game. Just like with the golem deck, this is a pretty basic, typical deck you might usually see, only with the cannon cart included in. With the giant, you should be staging many pushes throughout the game, attempting to get the cannon cart locked onto the tower. Keep in the mind that the cannon cart also works pretty well as a support unit due to its quick attack speed.

Cannon Cart Hog Deck

Cannon Cart Hog Rider Deck Clash Royale

While it does seem odd to have the cannon cart in a fast hog cycle deck, think again. The cannon cart surprisingly has a speed of “fast”, meaning it moves at the same pace as guards or minions. That means that it can keep up with quick hog cycle decks and fit in quite well with them. Here, you want to combine the hog and cannon cart for a great combo that can get to the tower fast and also is able to fight through a lot of different defenses. Combine with ice spirit for more kick!

Cannon Cart Graveyard Deck

Cannon Cart Graveyard Deck Clash Royale

Finally, we have a cannon cart-graveyard deck, which might seem like a bit of a strange combination. However, the cannon cart and graveyard work together pretty well due to the cart’s quick deploy into your opponent’s side of the map. This can catch your enemy off guard, especially when you throw down a graveyard at the same time. You also can play graveyard with knight or executioner if you prefer to have the cannon cart ready to go on defense.

That’s going to be all the decks that we have today featuring the brand new cannon cart. I think that this will be a bit of a weak card that will occasionally be seen in battle, but nothing more. Let me know what your opinions are on what the future of the cannon cart is going to be in Clash Royale in the comments below!

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