Most Meta Deck #17: Battle Ram-Three Musketeers Deck

The meta is always changing within Clash Royale and for the 17th time, we have the new best deck within Clash Royale! This deck is a battle ram three musketeers deck, centered around getting your musketeers locked on the tower. Here is some gameplay and strategy around the best deck in Clash Royale right now, a battle ram three musketeers deck!

Battle Ram-Three Musketeers Deck Overview

Clash Royale Battle Ram Three Musketeers Deck

To start it off with this deck, let’s begin with the namesakes, the battle ram and the three musketeers. While this deck mostly revolves around the three musketeers, the battle ram is still super important as both a tank and a big damage dealer. Try to get the battle ram to connect onto the tower for huge damage. The three musketeers are going to be your main offensive troop, so powerful that your opponent has to counter, whether you end up splitting them or not. Add these in behind the battle ram for a massive offensive push that your rival simply can’t ignore.

This battle ram-three musketeers deck features some of the best defensive cards in Clash Royale (knight, minion horde, ice spirit, and goblin gang). The knight is perfect for whittling down tank cards, as well as destroying splash damage troops such as the wizard and executioner. As for the major damage dealer, the minion horde, you want to use it on any air troops like the balloon or lava hound. The minion horde also works pretty well against ground units as well, such as the giant. Next up, the ice spirit can be used on basically anything, as a cheap counter or for slowing down a big group of troops. Last, but not least, we have the goblin gang which is great for countering everything on the ground from a hog to a knight.

Now there are two cards in this deck that aren’t troops, the elixir collector and the zap spell. Since this deck is so expensive, the elixir collector will come in handy for giving you a few more drops which you can spend lavishly. As for your spell, the zap is great for any deck, able to take out skeleton army and other quick counters to the battle ram and three musketeers.

To Split or Not to Split?

One of the biggest questions when using the three musketeers in Clash Royale is if you should split them or keep them together. Splitting them is when you place the 3M behind the king’s tower and two head down one lane while the other goes down the other lane. Let’s talk about when to split versus when not to split.

When to Split the Three Muskies

You should almost always split your 3 musketeers if your opponent has one of the three following spells: lightning, rocket, fireball. The 3M are a very popular positive elixir trade with those spells and if you split, you will only lose 2 musketeers of your musketeers at max.

Clash Royale Battle Ram Three Musketeers DeckWhen NOT to Split the Three Muskies

You shouldn’t split the 3M when you have a lot of tanks around your musketeers (lightning won’t be effective) or if your opponent lacks one of the three spells mentioned above. Just play it smart!

Clash Royale Battle Ram Three Musketeers Deck

Double Lane Pushes

One of the great parts of playing a deck with the three musketeers is that you are able to play both lanes at the same time. If you are forced to play the split musketeers, you can take advantage of this by pressuring your opponent on both lanes and hopefully make them run out of elixir and allow one of your pushes to do serious damage on the tower.

The double lane push I’d suggest that you try is pretty simple. When you split your musketeers in the back, you will have one musketeer heading down one side and two musketeers heading down the other side. Place a battle ram in front of the solo musketeer and now you have two pushes that can’t be ignored!

Clash Royale Battle Ram Three Musketeers Deck

Pumping Up with the Elixir Collector

With this deck having an average elixir cost of 4.1, you are going to have to rely upon your elixir collectors to give you elixir that you desperately need. Try to pump up early on in the battle and every time you cycle back to the elixir collector, try to place it immediately. By the time double elixir hits, you should have 2 pumps down on your side of the map.

Clash Royale Elixir Pumps

Having two elixir collectors will allow you to spend a lot of elixir quickly, which is important if you want to build up a big game ending push. Just spending 9 elixir on the three musketeers can leave you vulnerable to a fast push unless you are gaining elixir quickly enough to be able to counter it.

Counter Popular Decks

In order to win with any deck, you still need to know how to counter the most popular decks and combos with Clash Royale at the moment. Here are 4 of the most popular combos right now and how you can beat them with this deck.

Hog-Executioner: This combination of the hog and executioner is so easy to stop, it is almost a joke. Just drop off a knight to distract the executioner while your goblin gang does the main work against the hog rider.

Clash Royale Battle Ram Three Musketeers Deck

LavaLoon: For this deck, you just want to pray that your opponent doesn’t have arrows slotted up for play. You are going to have to rely on the minion horde completely, first to take out the balloon and then to take out the lava hound.

Clash Royale Battle Ram Three Musketeers Deck

Golem-Night Witch: Again, the minion horde is going to come up very clutch for you. You want to use the horde to destroy the night witch and then have them turn to the golem, all while your knight is chipping down the golem.

Clash Royale Battle Ram Three Musketeers Deck

Giant-Electro-Wizard: Just like with LavaLoonion, you can completely shut down this combo with only the minion horde. Make sure that you take out the e-wiz first and then your minions can turn to the giant.

Clash Royale Battle Ram Three Musketeers Deck

That is going to wrap it up for this week’s edition of the most meta deck in Clash Royale! I hope that you guys enjoyed this article and can use this deck to help you win out there on the ladder. Thanks for reading and comment down below what deck you are currently using in Clash Royale!

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