Best Decks in Clash Royale for October 2018

October 2018 is here, which means a whole new meta in Clash Royale! With the meta in Clash Royale constantly changing, you need the best decks for each month in order to win battles in Clash Royale. Here are the best decks for all arenas in Clash Royale for October 2018!

Best Decks Clash Royale October 2018

Best Decks for October 2018

Balance changes were just released in Clash Royale, on October 1st, which shakes up the meta a whole bunch with buffs to win conditions like the royal giant and goblin giant. Knowing the buffs, here are four decks that should dominate the meta in October 2018 in Clash Royale!

Royal Giant Beatdown Deck

Royal Giant Deck October Balance Changes Clash Royale

With the royal giant being the card that is going to be the most transformed after the October balance changes, you can expect him to at least have some presence in the meta. The skeleton army will also be a stronger defensive card, with another skeleton joining the ranks. In a PEKKA and golem heavy meta, having the inferno tower as a defense will make it easier to counter big tanks. Your two support cards, musketeer and minions have been two of the best support cards lately!

PEKKA Battle Ram Deck

PEKKA Battle Ram Deck October 2018 Clash Royale

In Clash Royale right now, PEKKA is the strongest tank card in Clash Royale. With a couple great damage dealing cards in this deck (PEKKA, battle ram, royal ghost), you have plenty of options for offense. Zappies and flying machine are two pretty underrated cards right now, but they provide their value and more. With the electro-wizard and zappies in your deck, it should be nearly impossible for any inferno card to melt through your PEKKA. Even if it does, you still have the battle ram!

Royal Hogs Three Musketeers DeckRoyal Hogs Three Musketeers Deck October 2018 Clash Royale

Most players thought that royal hogs were deserving of a nerf in the last balance changes and I have to say that I agree. But they weren’t nerfed, so you need to adapt and learn how to play them! The split lane push capability of this deck is amazing; if you can get both the royal hogs and three musketeers down, it going to put a ton of pressure on your opponent to counter both sides. With cheaper cards like the ice golem and skeletons, your elixir cost is kept down from the three musketeers.

PEKKA Royal Hogs Deck

PEKKA Royal Hogs Deck October 2018 Clash Royale

Our final deck for October 2018 is the combination of the two strongest win conditions, PEKKA and royal hogs. The royal ghost is also pretty strong in the meta, definitely being a top 5 legendary card. For this deck, you can either push one lane or rock the split lane push, depending on how you play the PEKKA. Just be careful on defense, since you don’t have many cheap cards to help you counter leftover defensive cards from your opponent. Rock the beatdown in this deck!

Going into October 2018, the meta is actually pretty balanced, with a ton of different decks being effective. Of course, we will have to wait to see how the balance changes pan out to gauge the real meta. Thanks for reading and comment below what deck you will be playing in October 2018 in Clash Royale!

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