Brawler and Elixir Drop Rate from Brawl Boxes

The key to winning Brawl Stars is unlocking brawlers out of brawl boxes, but what is the drop rates for common, rare, epic, and legendary brawlers? Not to mention, what are the odds of unlocking common, rare, epic, and legendary elixir packs from brawl boxes? Here are the full chances of getting each brawler and elixir out of a brawl box in Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars Brawler Elixir Drop Rates

Brawler/Elixir Drop Rate

First off, let me tell you guys that there is no set percentages like in Clash Royale. These really are completely random, but by opening A LOT of brawl boxes and recording the results, we can figure out around what the odds are of pulling each type of brawler and elixir. Here are the approximate odds of getting each brawler rarity and elixir type out of a brawl box!

  • Common Brawler: 36%
  • Rare Brawler: 8%
  • Epic Brawler: 1%
  • Legendary Brawler: .1%
  • Common Elixir (1 Elixir): 42%
  • Rare Elixir (2 Elixir): 10%
  • Epic Elixir (5 Elixir): 2%
  • Legendary Elixir (10 Elixir): .2%

Brawl Stars Elixir Upgrade Priority Guide

The first thing that we should notice from these results is that it is more common to unlock elixir from a brawl box than it is to unlock a brawler. Next, it increasingly gets harder to unlock the next rarity (as should be expected), but it is ABOUT 8 times more unlikely to unlock the next rarest card. That means it is 512 times more likely to unlock a common brawler than a legendary brawler, which shows that the chip values to buy brawlers are indeed correct.

Statistically, it would take 8 chips before you unlock a rare brawler and a rare brawler costs 10 to unlock. Statistically, it would take 64 chips before you unlock an epic brawler and the epics cost 60 chips. Lastly, based on these stats, it would take 512 chips to unlock a legendary brawler, which costs 500 in the store. Brawl Stars has their algorithms figured out!

So that is going to wrap it up for our brawler and elixir drop rate guide for Brawl Stars. I hope that this gave you a lot of insight into what you are likely to pull out of each brawl box! Thanks a ton for reading and comment down below if you have ever unlocked a legendary brawler!

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