Clash Royale Tower and Area Damage for ALL Spells

In close battles in Clash Royale, it is often very valuable to know how much damage each spell does, both to the arena tower and area damage. Below, we have the damage for all the direct damage spells, from the zap to the rocket. Now you’ll never lose a battle by 1 HP because your fireball isn’t high enough level to take it down

Tower and Area Damage for ALL Spells


Zap Clash Royale

The weakest spell in Clash Royale is going to be the zap, but actually not by a lot. The zap is great for taking out small units like spear goblins and skeletons, but still can’t pack that much of a pack, especially on the tower.

Area Damage: 159

Tower Damage: 64


Log Clash Royale

Just barely edging out the zap in damage is the log. The log again isn’t that powerful, but it can impact a whole lot of units at once with its pushback effect. If you are in a pinch and have log in rotation, it can take out the last few HP of a tower.

Area Damage: 240

Tower Damage: 96


Arrows Clash Royale

I was SHOCKED to see that arrows barely do any more damage than the zap. I was always under the impression that arrows almost doubled zap in damage. That is why we need to know the damage of each spell! Arrows aren’t much better than the zap or log.

Area Damage: 243

Tower Damage: 98


Fireball Clash Royale

With the fireball, we reach the mid-level tier of spells. The fireball does a whole lot more damage than any of the three previous spells, making it great to throw at a tower to chip it down. When it is overleveled, you can take out wizard, e-wiz, and musketeer!

Area Damage: 572

Tower Damage: 229


Poison Clash Royale

Poison does just a hair more damage than the fireball, but it takes 8 seconds in order to force out all of the damage. If you need to take down a tower fast, fireball is a better option since it does immediate damage.

Area Damage: 600

Tower Damage: 240


Lightning Clash Royale

The top tier of the Clash Royale spells consists of lightning and rocket, both of which do a ton of damage. Lightning only hits three targets top though, so you can’t have the maximum impact that rocket brings.

Area Damage: 837

Tower Damage: 335


Rocket has always been know as the heaviest spell in Clash Royale, packing almost 500 damage against an arena tower. THIS is the spell to hit a tower with, taking off almost a 1/5 of the overall health per strike!

Area Damage: 1232

Tower Damage: 493

That is all the direct damage spells in Clash Royale right now, but more will probably be added in the future. This should be helpful for you guys to realize how much damage each spell does in Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and comment below what your favorite spell in Clash Royale is!

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