Builder Hall 6 Update to Clash of Clans!

Builder Hall 6 will be coming to Builder Base in Clash of Clans in the next update! Just today, Clash of Clans announced that BH6 will be added to the game in order to fit into the Builder Hall 6 Invitational Tournament. Here are the full release notes for the Builder Hall 6!

Builder Hall 6 Update Clash of Clans

Builder Hall 6 Defenses and Troops


  • +1 Archer Tower
  • +1 Crusher
  • +1 Mine
  • +1 Mega Mine
  • +4 Wall sections

Yes, you read that right…we are implementing a second Crusher, the bane of Barbarians and Giants. Furthermore, in correspondence to the Builder Hall’s increased level, all defenses, traps, and walls can now be upgraded to Level 6.  The only exception to this is the Spring Trap, which can be upgraded to Level 4.


  • +1 Army Camp
  • Levels 11 – 12 for all Troops after upgrading the Star Laboratory to Level 6
  • Levels 6 – 10 for the Battle Machine


  • Resource collectors, storages, Gem Mine, and Clock Tower can be upgraded to Level 6.
  • A single Archer Tower in your Town Hall can now be Geared Up, similarly to the Cannon. Requires Builder Base Archer Tower Level 6 and Home Village Archer Tower Level 10.


  • Clock Tower cooldown reduced from 8 hours to 7 hours
  • Clock Tower duration reduced by 50%
  • Speed up multiplier has been reduced from 10x to 8x

After careful consideration we felt the Clock Tower provides too much free upgrade time. We are changing the Clock Tower cooldown from 8 hours to 7 hours and reducing the duration by 50%.  We felt the Clock Tower provided progress too rapidly and that it required rebalancing to bring it in line with relative upgrade times. Reducing its cooldown will allow it to be boosted 3 times per day rather than 2 times.

NEW: The Night Witch

The Witch’s nocturnal sibling, the Night Witch is available once you upgrade your Builder Barracks to Level 8.  Though there are some similarities between the Witch and the Night Witch, there are a few differences that make her stand out as well.  Check out these abilities:

  • Spawns bats that attack ground and air units
  • Will spawn into a swarm of bats after receiving fatal damage

The Night Witch is a great way to take out those pesky Crushers, which is why we’re introducing the Night Witch’s bane: The Roaster

Night Witch Builder Base Hall 6 Clash of Clans

NEW: The Roaster

We couldn’t add a cool offensive unit without coming up with a way to defend against it.  The Roaster is a great solution against the Night Witch.  It is a flame-spitting defensive building that will bathe your foes in scalding plasma with the following details:

  • Range of 7 tiles
  • Burst fire of 15 shots
  • At Level 6 it does 16 damage per shot
  • Hits ground and air units
  • Does Area Splash type damage

Roaster Builder Base Hall 6 Clash of Clans

So that is the full release notes for the new Builder Hall 6 in Clash of Clans! I am super excited to see the new roaster and night witch in Clash of Clans but I’m still a while off from BH6. Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think of the Builder Hall 6!

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