New Single Player Maps LEAKED in Clash of Clans?

New single player maps might have been leaked for the next Clash of Clans update! For a long time, new goblin maps or new single player maps have been rumored to have been talked about for an update in Clash of Clans, but today I think I finally found evidence that confirms new single player maps will be updated to Clash of Clans, possibly in February or March.

Clash of Clans Builders Base May 2017 Update

New Single Player Maps

As you guys might know, there were a couple changes to the single player map that were unannounced in one of the last updates (either October or December). Within this update, the CoC team named some places in the goblin map, like Rotten Sea and Gold Oaks Inn. They didn’t mention this in the update notes and left it to the players to figure out.

New Single Player Maps Update Clash of Clans

Anyways, could this have been the very beginning of updating the single player maps? But these name changes have been out for a while and isn’t the real leak here. While I was scrolling down my achievements, I stumbled upon this in my home village achievements.

New Single Player Maps Update Clash of Clans

Now I’ve had the “Get those Goblins” achievement completed for a very long time. The thing that really is interesting here is that the achievement says that I’ve gotten 153 stars in the campaign map, something that is impossible right now with the current number of single player maps. The only thing I can take this to mean (besides a hack in the game) is that there is a plan in place to add at least one new village, and possibly more in store later on.

With this achievement change, it really looks like we might be seeing more single player maps soon. I really hope that this means that we will get some more single player maps as it has long gone stale. Thanks for reading and comment below if you want to see a single player update for Clash of Clans!

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