How to Get 9 Wins in the 2v2 Super Touchdown Challenge

The 2v2 super touchdown challenge is here in Clash Royale to celebrate the Super Bowl! In this challenge, you play touchdown mode to 9 wins, which rewards you with 52,000 gold! Here some strategy to help you get 9 wins in the 2v2 Super Touchdown Challenge!

2v2 Super Touchdown Challenge Clash Royale

2v2 Super Touchdown Challenge Overview

Despite touchdown being hyped up as a great new gamemode in the October 2017 update, we have only seen it in Clash Royale a few times. This is the biggest touchdown mode challenge though, with huge gold rewards for getting 9 wins. Once you hit 7 wins, the gold scales exponentially, with 7 wins being 520 gold, 8 wins being 5,200 gold, and 9 wins giving you an outstanding 52,000 gold!

2v2 Super Touchdown Challenge Clash Royale

However, you don’t win any other rewards before 7 wins, which is the first time you can collect gold. As with all touchdown modes, this challenge will be 2v2. I would strongly recommend playing with a clanmate instead of a random. This means that you are more likely to win with someone of more skill than a random match.

2v2 Super Touchdown Challenge Clash Royale

You should really be playing this challenge as you can earn almost 60k gold from getting 9 wins. However, it is a complete waste of time if you can reach 8 wins, for the rewards are weak until then. The rewards for the challenge chest are pretty small as well.

2v2 Super Touchdown Challenge Strategy

Now that we know a lot about the challenge, let’s discuss some strategy about how you can win this challenge! Here are some key points to help you win in 2v2 touchdown mode for Clash Royale!

2v2 Super Touchdown Challenge Clash Royale

  • Any defense-targeting unit is amazing: Anything from the battle ram to the golem is a card that should definitely be picked. These cards are great because they don’t get distracted by other cards, but instead head straight for the end zone. These tanky cards make your opponent overly focus on countering which is an advantage for you.
  • Splash cards > single target cards: When there aren’t clear lanes like in normal Clash Royale, it is much to your advantage to have long range splash cards. Executioner is one of the best cards to pick for touchdown mode, with witch and wizard also being extremely effective in touchdown mode.
  • Space apart cards: In touchdown mode, you need to space apart your cards well so that your opponents have to counter multiple lanes to prevent cards from reaching the end. Also, this gives you better defense as you can stop almost anything coming from any part of the map by spacing your cards apart.
  • Communicate well with your partner: You need to let your partner know where you are going to build up a push and when you are going to defend. Use hovering cards to your advantage to help communicate what is needed and what moves you are planning on making. It especially helps to play with the same player over and over so they learn your moves.

With those tips you should be able to reach 9 wins in this challenge and earn the 52,000 gold! I hope that you guys have fun playing this challenge on Super Bowl Sunday. Thanks for reading and comment below how many wins you end up getting!

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