Clash Royale Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Decks Announced

The Reddit Blind Deck Challenge, where you could submit your decks for this challenge, has finally announced which decks that it will be using for the challenge! These decks are all fan submitted and I’m going to give you some strategy for each deck and tell you which decks are going to be the best for winning the Reddit Blind Deck Challenge in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Decks

Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Decks

Overall there is 8 decks that you can play in this Clash Royale challenge. Below are all the decks as well as advice from the creators of the deck on how to play it! Since this is a blind deck challenge, you won’t be able to choose which deck you’ll be playing. Instead you’ll be given one of the eight and battle another one of the eight. Better get practicing with all the decks!

Balloon Parade Deck

Balloon Parade Deck Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Super fast cycle of 3.1 avg elixir, which allows you to quickly out-cycle their counters to balloon. Ice golem, zap, tornado, and princess can be used together to kill any air defense they have for the balloon. You can easily kite troops with ice golem, melt tanks with inferno dragon, and help defend with guards. Princess with tornado is very good at cleaning up enemy troops. Activating the king tower early with tornado is important. You can stack princesses, especially if they don’t have log. Send in ice golem/miner to tank for balloon. If they have too many counters to balloon and you can’t out-cycle them, you can keep sending miners.

Woodland Warriors Deck

Woodland Warriors Deck Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Clash Royale

This deck is my own spin of a bridge spam deck. Using your typical bridge spam cards (Bandit and Battle Ram) I added utility cards (Bats, Ice Spirit, Tornado and Log) to assist your offense spam or aid the defense troops (Hunter and Magic Archer) for any incoming attacks. Magic Archer + Tornado are your trump cards for any incoming spam along with ice spirit. This is a great and fun deck to play with, with an average elixir of 2.9! Two extra tips are to be liberal with your elixir count (save 3-4 elixir after every placement in the first elixir wave) and have no FEAR in spamming and rotating your cards! (Especially during double elixir)

Ghostly Bridge Spam Deck

Ghostly Bridge Spam Deck Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Don’t be afraid to make the first move but I recommend playing a troop in the back to start off. This deck is INSANE with counter pushing, so when you see an opportunity, take it. Since Battle Ram is the main win condition in your deck set up your cycle early on so you can have a great rotation with the battle ram when you need a tower. Against 3 Musketeers, fireball the pump, you can’t let them build that large elixir advantage on you. Also, the deck is good for cycling so you can cycle back to fireball when the drop the muskies. Against Golem, when they drop golem in the back, punish as hard as you can (Example: Dark Prince, Battle Ram, Ice Golem, Zap. This forces them to play their troops that would have initially supported the Golem, allowing your Inferno Dragon to melt the Golem.

Miner Magic Deck

Miner Magic Deck Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Always try to have tesla and valkyrie to defend due to its rapid cycle of miner and archer can go down the enemy tower little by little, what you must ensure is good defense, against PEKKA or mega knight there is no need to fear.

Mineroon Deck

Mineroon Deck Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Clash Royale

The mineroon is used in a very subtle way and depends on the opponent’s deck of cards, for the damage to the tower the balloon is used, and the miner in case the balloon does not reach the tower, the P.E.K.K.A helps to defend the hog riders, giants, even crossbows and then build counterattacks. The electro wizard helps defend balloons, hounds and sparky. The poison and the zap can help the miner or use it for hordes and structures, and the ice spirit helps defend or cycle. The bandit helps a lot to finish with prince thanks to its load damage together with the spirit of ice.

Magical Miner Poison Deck

Magical Miner Poison Deck Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Clash Royale

A modified version of SirTags Bandit Miner Poison deck, instead of EWiz it uses the Magic Archer! Main win condition is the Miner, constantly chip at tower, and only poison if necessary (if Miner is near dead, and only then do they place a Goblin Gang or Minion Horde etc, don’t play poison, instead wait for it to come to your side and counter with cheaper units) Ideal Push: Miner, Bandit, MArcher, Poison Be specific with Inferno placements.

Magic Double Prince Deck

Magic Double Prince Deck Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Play passively until you have an elixir lead, start with giant in the back and support it with Double Prince, Magic Archer for cleaning troops like Minion Horde, Skelly army or even buildings.

Dank Magical Ram Deck

Dank Magical Ram Deck Reddit Blind Deck Challenge Clash Royale

This is a deck that i created when the magic archer came out. It is really fun and has many synergies. Ice golem ram, dark prince ram, ice golem dark prince can all take down a tower if not defended properly. Use hunter for defense against hogs and tanks with zappies to slow down the big tanks. This deck is really strong against decks without Pekka or X-bow because in double elixir you can counter push and apply pressure on both lanes. This normally causes the opponent to freak out. When the tower is down to 500 hp or so, bait out some troops with a dark prince or ram. Then place magic archer at bridge and tornado if needed to finish of the tower.

The Clash Royale Reddit Blind Deck Challenge will start on April 6th and last until April 9th. It is unclear what the rewards will be yet, but hopefully we will get some nice ones. Thanks for reading and comment below which deck you think is going to be the best in this challenge!

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