Magic Archer Gameplay and Statistics in Clash Royale

Magic archer gameplay and statistics have been leaked in Clash Royale telling us everything we need to know about the newest legendary card. The magic archer will cost 4 elixir and have the range of close to a princess. Here’s all the leaked information in Clash Royale about the magic archer!

Magic Archer Gameplay Statistics Leaked Clash Royale

Magic Archer Gameplay Leaked

Of course, as with every new card that Clash Royale releases, the gameplay for the magic archer was leaked! Here’s him in action, where you can see how long his range is and how he interacts with other troops. His range is so long that he just barely can be shot by both the king’s tower and the arena towers.

Magic Archer Statistics

With the balance changes today, Clash Royale also added the magic archer into the “coming soon” tab on cards. This gives us access to all of his statistics at tournament level. Here’s the visual, followed up by what other cards his stats compare to!

Magic Archer Statistics Clash Royale

  • DPS: 96 (About equal to minion horde, witch, etc.)
  • Hitpoints: 490 (About equal to flying machine)
  • Speed: Medium (Equal to knight, ice wizard, etc.)
  • Range: 7 (A bit more than the royal giant)

So this card looks pretty awesome, but I’m kind of disappointed Clash Royale is adding another legendary card, especially right after the royal ghost. The magic archer will be coming in about two weeks, so look for decks and strategy here soon. Thanks for reading and comment below your first thoughts on the magic archer!

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