Best Magic Archer Decks in Clash Royale

The magic archer is finally here in Clash Royale, which you can unlock from the magic archer draft challenge. Once you unlock the magic archer in Clash Royale, here are the best magic archer decks that you should be using!

Best Magic Archer Decks Clash Royale

Best Magic Archer Decks

The magic archer can best be thought about as a mix between the dart goblin and the executioner. That being said, its going to work best as a support card, preferably behind a big tank! Here are some of those decks for you guys; pick and choose the one you think will work best for your game!

Giant Magic Archer Deck

Giant Magic Archer Deck Clash Royale

In this classic giant-prince beatdown deck, we feature the magic archer as the ranged air support units. The best play for the magic archer in this deck would be right behind the giant, hopefully able to connect on the tower depending on the play of the defensive troops. You have great defensive cards in the mega minion and guards, so you can play the magic archer mainly on offense!

Golem Magic Archer Deck

Golem Magic Archer Deck Clash Royale

With a bit of a change from the last deck, we are slotting in the magic archer with a traditional golem-night witch beatdown deck. With three amazing golem support cards in the magic archer, night witch, and electro-wizard, you can start a push up from anywhere. Also, the goblin gang and ice spirit are going to be two keys to defending that can quickly turn into solid offensive pushes.

PEKKA Magic Archer Deck

PEKKA Magic Archer Deck Clash Royale

Finally, we are throwing in the magic archer with the PEKKA, the last of the great tanks to have this combination. Also in this deck, we have the battle ram which has great synergy with the magic archer due to panicked defenders. For the third time, we are seeing the ice spirit, zap, and poison as three of our cards, which all flow great with these beatdown deck. Feel free to get in chip damage with the MA!

Those three decks should guarantee you success when playing with the magic archer in Clash Royale! If you are lucky enough to win the challenge, start playing with him now. The rest of us have 2 weeks until he drops throughout the game. Thanks for reading and comment below how you did in the magic archer draft challenge!

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