Boat/Ship LEAKED in Clash Royale April 2018 Update

A new leak has surfaced in Clash Royale, regarding a boat or a ship for the April 2018 update that is coming to Clash Royale. We don’t know much about the boat, but here’s the ship leak and what the boat/ship could be in Clash Royale!

Boat Ship Leaked Clash Royale March 2018 Update

Boat/Ship LEAKED

There has been quite a stir regarding the March update, as clan wars has been mentioned multiple times by the Clash Royale. However, this is a brand new leak created, once again, by the Clash Royale team.

It all started on Reddit, which seems to have become the #1 place for update leaks in Clash Royale. There was a thread wondering about the next Radio Royale Clash Royale was going to post and asking whether it would be before the April update.

As soon as the update was mentioned, everyone wanted a brief hint about what was going to be added in the newest update. Here’s the thread and the response by Clash Royale’s official Reddit account.

Boat Ship Leaked Clash Royale March 2018 Update

Of course, Clash Royale definitely fulfilled the requirements of a “very very very brief hint” by responding with a single emoji. Regardless, we still know that some sort of boat must be involved in the Clan Royale April 2018 update. Here are some ideas I have about what the ship could be….

  • Something with the river: Clash Royale has nothing like Clash of Clans does, where a boat could easily be added. The only water or liquid there is in Clash Royale is the river in every arena. Maybe the boat could have something to do with that?
  • Possibly a new card: Of course, any emoji could instantly become a new card in the game. The boat could definitely be the newest Clash Royale card that gets added in the April update. Kind of lame to have this much hype about though…
  • New gamemode: Since Clash Royale has a notable lack of water, a new gamemode seems like a strong possibility. Some sort of water battle involving boats could definitely be an option.

Those ideas are just guesses and are not official at all. If you have any guess about what this boat/ship could be, leave a comment below with your idea!

Boat/Ship Speculation

That’s all we have for you guys today on this new boat that should be coming to Clash Royale in the April 2018 update! Again, let me know what you guys think about what this boat could be in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale update leaks in the future!

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