Strategies to Win the Barbarian Barrel Draft Challenge

The Barbarian Barrel draft challenge will give you the first opportunity to unlock the barbarian barrel in Clash Royale. However, you have to get 12 wins in order to unlock the newest Clash Royale epic card, so here are some of the best strategies to win the barbarian barrel draft challenge in Clash Royale!

Barbarian Barrel Draft Challenge Clash Royale

Barbarian Barrel Draft Challenge Overview

As with every new card added in Clash Royale, the barbarian barrel will get its own challenge. If you are able to win this challenge, you will be rewarded with the barbarian barrel, 2 whole weeks before its global release!

Of course, since this is the barbarian barrel challenge, the barbarian barrel will be an option to draft for every game that you play. The other cards will be shaken up, but you or your opponent will always have the option to draft the barbarian barrel.

This challenge will have a cap of 12 wins, with the 12th win giving you 10 barbarian barrels. However, along the way to 12 wins, you will be unlocking other one time rewards; one every 2 wins.

Barbarian Barrel Draft Challenge Rewards Clash Royale

Here’s a list of all of the 2 win increment one time rewards that you will receive by hitting each milestone.

  • 2 wins: 1,000 gold
  • 4 wins: 20 rare cards
  • 6 wins: 3,000 gold
  • 8 wins: giant chest
  • 10 wins: 9,000 gold
  • 12 wins: 10 barbarian barrels

Not too bad of rewards, seeing as you can pick up 13,000 gold and several other cards. Of course, you are going to have to get 12 wins in order to unlock all of these rewards. Here are some strategies to help you make it all the way and win the barbarian barrel draft challenge!

Strategies to Win the Barbarian Barrel Draft Challenge

Since this challenge is draft, there’s no surefire deck that can get you to 12 wins. Draft mode ends up being very random sometimes, so a lot of people are going to fail, even the Clash Royale pros. However, I can give you guys a couple tips to help you win this draft challenge and unlock the barbarian barrel.

  • Pick the Barbarian Barrel: This isn’t really a great tip, but you definitely should pick the barbarian barrel. There are two reasons behind this. 1) the challenge is named after this card so its cool to play 2) you should start learning the basics of a new card every time comes out. Also the BB looks pretty decent, so you won’t lose only because its off meta.
  • Don’t Go with Log Bait: Since the barbarian barrel adds another way to kill log bait, it definitely not a good idea to be choosing log bait cards that will easily be killed by the barbarian barrel and *possibly* zap and log too.
  • Giant and Hog Decks: Two tank cards that are usually countered by cheap units are the giant and the hog. Because of the presence of the barbarian barrel in every game, those cheap units aren’t going to be as effective when bowled over by the BB.
  • Pick a Heavy Spell: In every draft challenge, not just the barbarian barrel draft challenge, you should be choosing a heavy spell, preferably the rocket. Without a systematic win condition, its often VERY difficult to completely take down a tower. Once you have a few hundred hitpoints remaining, the rocket can come in super clutch.
  • Splash Damage Cards Reign Supreme: Again, since you don’t know what deck you are going to end up playing, having splash cards can help you a lot. Cards like the executioner, wizard, and electro-wizard are great choices.

I hope that with these tips you guys can get 12 wins and unlock the barbarian barrel early! Draft challenges can always be a bit of a toss-up, so make good choices when choosing cards. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the barbarian barrel card!

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