Clash Royale April 2018 Update Release Date

The release date for the Clash Royale April 2018 update was announced today, which should be in a bit more than a week. The April update is (hopefully) bringing clan wars and a bunch of new content with it. Here’s what we know about the April update release date.

Clash Royale April 2018 Update Release Date

April 2018 Update Release Date

We know the April update is very close to coming since Clash Royale keeps tweeting small hints towards it and new leaks are discovered biweekly. However, Clash Royale confirmed that the April update will be coming in “mid-April” in response to a tweet asking when the next update will be.

We know that “mid-April” is a pretty vague time spanning from probably April 7th-April 23rd. At most, I would say that we have two weeks before official sneak peeks appear from the Clash Royale team.

A bit after this tweet by Clash Royale, Clash with Ash, one of the Supercell sponsored YouTubers, sent out this tweet, which indicates that the update will be appearing on the 9th of April, which should definitely be considered “mid-April”.

In case you are wondering what the boat on the calendar means, here everything that has been leaked for the boat/ship that will be coming in the April update. This update should be pretty large, giving us clan wars, the boat (whatever that will be), and hopefully some new cards/arena/chests. With around a week to go until sneak peeks, it shouldn’t be much longer until we know everything that will be updated in the April update!

So now we know when the April update will be dropping in Clash Royale. I’m really excited for this update and can’t wait to see what the team came up with to add. Thanks for reading and comment below what you want to see be added within the April 2018 update!

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